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My Life Story
The story about my growing up, thoughts, life, etc

What is Life to me???

"Happiness is a short moment of life whereas trouble flood the rest". Well, this is one of the verses that I always say. Life is like fighting a war from the very day that you are born till the day of your death. It is the war of freedom, war of survival you will be fighting. The way you start fighting it and treating the war will however affect your whole life and on the whole might affect others as well. Thus it is very important that you are extra careful in making your decision for it might bring you defeat and changes for your whole lifetime. Life can be very simple or very complex depends on how one wanted it to be. In order to have it as the way one wants it to be, one have to work for it... I have been always thinking that I know how to "live" a life, but I am wrong. There are alot of ways and mine is not always right. Compare to others, I am only proud that I have a rural kampong life when I was young.

My life story...

While I was young, involvement in the war is little as many decision of my life is made by my parent. I just have to follow through the route that they plan for my advancement. I was born in K K Hospital in 1981, 7th of June and brought up as a Kampong Kid in a sub-urban area near Yio Chu Kang Road. There I lived for my 1st 6 years of my life, embedding in the life of protected, carefree and fun. Playing with sand, getting dirty with all the mud, hurting myself with all the stupid things that I am capable of. I still remember once that they order a sand truck of sand so that they can cement the foreground outside our house. Playfully as I am, I climb up the pile of sand and play, lost my balance and roll down the sand pile filling my mouth with sand. Cycling also become part of my life, I almost went cycling with my cousins as and when we were free. As I was the youngest at that time, I was always the one who is the passenger of my cousin 'vehicle'. I starts  learning cycling myself at the corridor between my kitchen and the common hall with both side of the wall as support. I grew up as a kampong kid and I was rather proud to have such a childhood which most people of my age don't.   

When I am 6 year old, I went into kindergarden at Jalan Kayu's Constitution. It marks the start of my education phase in my life. It is the first time exposing of myself to a group of unknown kids outside of my household and kampong. Never did I expect myself to be violent and public fighting started in my early year till I come to think of it now. I don't remember why I often bash a Indian in my class up during my pre-school. Is it racism or just that I am naughty? There is no definite answer now unless I can be back to the past. I still remember that there was once I fight with him from the second floor down the staircase to the ground floor. Why? I really don't remember why I did that. 

1987 December, my family moved into my present house in Hougang and good bye to my old house. I went into primary one on the second day of the house moving. Life seem to reset as everything here is different. The friends is different, the lives is different, the hours of studies is different. I can still remember that I do cry on my first day when I saw my dad leaving after he brought me to school. I feel so lost and my mind was simply blank. Maybe it is just due of the sudden change of environment from a kampong where you know everyone to a foreign area. It is hard to image my feeling of that moment now that I have grown up. "You relay on your parents at home and friend is whom you relay on when outside" this is  the ultimate truth that I realize. It is friends that put me together, lent me a hand at the moment that I feel lonely and lost. I would like to take this chance to thanks one of my very best friend in primary school, Ming Xi. For he is the one who lent me his hand when I need it. Soon after, I found my friends and also my game, a common game that we played called "One Leg" or "Tu Jiao". It is sort of a catching except that everyone is confined in a enclosed area and out of the area is consider lost. There will be two groups, the catcher and runner, the catcher is to go around catching people, the runner in one leg hopping. Primary 3, my dad forces me to take up swimming as my ECA. I reluctantly took up the ECA and quit my "One Leg" career as the 2nd best player in the whole school including all the seniors. I grew to love swimming and I stay on till I got my 5th certificate of Swimming in Primary 5. Not much achievement in my primary school except a bronze Swimming medal and a bronze Long Jump trophy, a few small rewards for good composition, a rewards of 2 story books for my good result in math during my upper Primary. December 1993, I graduated with a result of 234 for my PSLE which is consider not bad as my school top student score only 249. Hard to believe that I gets these result for the minimum effort that I had put in. All I can say is "Miracle do happens" and "God does like good child like me" (Hehe). 

Montfort Secondary School, my 1st choice and the school that I regret of coming in on the very first day of my admission. Why and how did I choose Montfort Secondary School as my first choice? Well, "man makes silly mistakes" and this mistake that I made put me into a life of boredom and unhappiness for the next four years. 1 E 1, my sec one class which is also the cream of the whole sec one standard but sad to says and good to know that I am obviously the last of the cream. I don't like to study, and my natural reaction to study is to sleep. Thus no high expectation from me. My year one result make me into the rank of 20 for my class and a ranking of top 30 in the whole standard of 200 plus students. However, result started to fall till I almost reach 100 or so. Hmm... forget about studies. I took up NPCC as my ECA due to parent and peer pressure. No interests in the what so call "Naughty Police Catching Cockroach". Besides, I was selected to be Counsellor or Prefect when I was in secondary due to my "good" performance. How can I be chosen with my lazy, 'bo chap' attitude? Well, it still remain as a secret till now unless my former form teacher Mr Chia tells you the reason. I am proud to be a 'Counsellor' who has the most guts, who is the only one who dare to confront the so call 'Pai Kia' of the upper secondary. However, I was sack from the Counsel during my sec 4 due to poor attendance and the refusal to attend the Investiture of the new batch of Counsellor, which is the day where I will be stepping down as a counsellor. As for my NPCC, I attended it regularly and make contribution to the unit. However, sad to learn that only 'apple polishing' will get you somewhere in the organisation instead of hardwork. The management suck... but I was quite happy that the promotion is quite fair according to performance and the total control over the sec 2 squad even though I am not the IC or any appointment holder. Secondary 3 and 4, the two years that changes me the most due to the activites. I started to go arcade and playing of LAN game - RED ALERT command and conquer. It is also mid secondary 4 when I start learning bowling due to the opening promotion at Hougang Plaza. Chinese chess is another activities that I spend most of my time in during these 2 years. Finally, here come my sec 4 O level result. It is not up to my standard but I can just blame myself for not studying hard. 

Selection of School after my secondary 4 O level result. Most of my friend advise me to try out 3 months in JC but I refuses giving the stupid reason that I am not the "Liao" of studying. Working is another alternative other than the first 3 months. I work for 3 months and finally rest myself in March running around 10km every morning for nearly 2 months. JAE is the hardest headache I every had. Where to go? What should I study? well... I always throw these thought behind and know that it will hunt me one of these days. Now the time is up and I have to make up my mind and make a decision. I decided to go see see look look at every poly but I am lazy after a visit to Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Finally, I went down to Nanyang Polytechnic to register. There, I was con by Mr Ong into the School of Information Technology taking up the Diplomas of IT. However, I can't deny the fact that I really out of idea where to go and what to do, so letting the nature take the course. Before my admission, I bought my 1st PC with my very own money I hard earned during my 3 months working. Pentium II 233 MHz which I am still using it now from 1998 to 2003.

Into my poly life in 1998, I still carry around with the 'bo chap' attitude towards studies and spend a lot of time going 'kai kai'. During my 1st year of poly, I and my group of friends like to hang around Suntec City and Orchard Takashimaya. This are the 2 places that you can usually find us in no matter weekdays or weekend. I also do not understand why we went there when I come to think about it now. Well, maybe thinking and lifestyle is different now. Our group break up into 2 and the group that I hang around with during year 2 is slightly different from year 1. We spend most of our time going orchard, KTV and Boat Quay. More night activities during that years as we chiong almost once every week during that period of time, spending alot of saving. Thus working during holiday is compulsary for me. Year 3, final year of my poly education and also the year that affect me the most in the 3 years. Another group of friend I stay with this time round, mostly friends from my own module groups comprising of mostly girl. Although still going out with the other group of friend but not as often as before. Year 3 semester 2 also involve my attachment and final year project, thus less time is spend with my group of friends. 2 and a half months out of 3 months spend playing game in the game lab while doing my final year project. This is when I was first exposed to Diablo 2 and Starcraft which I find that it is really a good game. Can't believe that I still playing Starcaft and Diablo till now. Finally, everything is over and I was graduated and receive my diplomas in August. As for my attachment, I was attached to Development Computing Pte Ltd as trainee together with 2 of my other friends. I was exposed to the working society of a software development company which most of my colleagues were also poly graduates. Most of them serve their attachment in the same company as well. Working with them were fun and knowledge entertaining. Besides, I was exposed to new programming language which they are using. We manage to pick the skill up within a week and start on our attachment project. Our project was taken up by the company as a real time industrial project and we even got the chance to sell this product to the client. We are approach by our manager into helping up one of the project from Hitachi Consumer. Thus proving our abilities and capabilities in handling work load. Special thanks here to my boss, my sale manager and all of my colleagues for their patient, care and chances given to me and my friends. 

National Service term started soon after I graduated. I receive my 1st letter of enlistment on April stating that I was enlisted into National Service on 24th August 2001 into PTP batch as I fail my NAPFA. Thus, I took my NAPFA and manage to get silver and postpone my enlistment to October the 4th. Before my enlistment, I work inside Seagate Research & Development under Advance Concept as a assistant. This is best part-time I worked so far as I managed to learn a lot from the engineers there. Although what I was doing there is totally different from what I have learned, but I was exposed to the real-time Research and Development working environment and instruments that I might be able have the chance to use it in future. Special thanks to my manager Mr Khan and Senior Engineer Edmun Seng for their guidance and chances given to me during my 3 months there. I will never forgets you guys! 

4th October, there I was into Pulau Tekong Basic Military Training Centre 2 Scorpion Company Platoon 3 Section 3 Bed 12. Training started and ended on December and I was posted to Paya Labar Air Base Field Defense Squadron where another training phase started. February 2002, the Field Defense course finally ended and I was posted to FDS-PLAB, the only operation ready infantry unit in the base till my ORD on the 3th February 2004.