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Boracay Map, Boracay Philippines



Boracay Island  is a tiny patch of paradise about seven kilometers long, and only one kilometer wide at its narrow midriff. It is surrounded by more than 20 of the finest white sand beaches you will ever see. The main white sand beach (4 kilometers long) on the west side is where the boat stations and most establishments are located.

Walking along the main white sand beach path is a treat for the senses. There's the spectacular aquamarine waters fringed by talc-like sand on one side, and then there's the parade of shops, restaurants and resorts on the other. Here you will find everything you need to make your stay in Boracay Island comfortable and memorable.

Shopping is very popular activity in Boracay Island. Besides the usual souvenir t-shirts, one can also find handicrafts, paintings, jewelry, garments and even furniture! Bargaining is expected and makes up half the fun of shopping.

Since Boracay is a major destination of visitors from all over the world, it is not surprising that authentic international cuisine can be found everywhere. A gastronomic adventure awaits the hungry beachcomber, but whichever restaurant you end up in, don't forget to order a fresh fruit shake - definitely a part of the Boracay experience! Just ask for the fruit flavor currently in season.

For those who wish to really get away from it all, 15 minutes of brisk walking is all it takes to escape to the other, more peaceful but equally beautiful beaches of Boracay Island. Visit Puka Shell, Ilig-Iligan, Punta Bunga, Balinghai, Diniwid and Bulabog beaches to catch a glimpse of Boracay as it was 10 years ago.

A myriad of activities is available for those who wish to do more than sun worship. Bike excursions, sailboat tours, horseback riding, jet skiing and massages can be arranged.



Various routes lead to Boracay Island. The easiest and fastest way from Manila and Cebu is by air either to Kalibo or Caticlan. Schedules vary, so please check with the airlines. Another way is via ship from Manila, which will dock, depending on the weather, either a few minutes away from Caticlan or a little further away. Not for the faint-hearted! And for people with more time and an adventurous streak there is the overland route from Cebu over Negros to Iloilo and from there to Caticlan.


By Air (Main Routes)

Manila - Caticlan

  • Asian Spirit with four to five flights daily Sea Air with three flights daily
  • Sea Air with three flights daily

Manila - Kalibo

  • Philippine Airlines with up to four flights daily
  • Cebu Pacific with one to two flights daily
  • Air Philippines with one to two flights daily

Cebu - Caticlan

  • Asian Spirit with one to two flights weekly
  • Sea Air with one to two flights weekly
  • Caticlan - Busuanga (Coron Isl./Northern Palawan)
  • Sea Air on demand

Land or Sea

From Iloilo to Caticlan
Ceres Bus has regular bus schedules, some of them air conditioned, from Iloilo to Kalibo and three times daily directly to Caticlan. GM Liner is another bus company plying the route Iloilo - Caticlan with air-conditioned buses twice daily in both directions. Alternatives are the mini-vans from Iloilo to Kalibo and another mini-van from there to Caticlan. Another alternative is to rent a taxi from Iloilo directly to Caticlan. The trip Iloilo to Caticlan takes between 4 to 7 hours.

From Kalibo to Caticlan
Southwest Tours, Star Express and 7107 Island Tours ply the route from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan with air-conditioned buses or coasters. Included in the price is also the boat transfer from Caticlan to one of Boracay's boat stations. Other means of reaching Caticlan are mini-vans, which are a little cheaper, but don't provide boat service to Boracay. The trip takes one to 1.5 hours.

Ship Manila to Caticlan
MBRS Shipping Lines have two boats plying the route from Manila to Caticlan. The ships leave Manila's North Harbor, Pier 8, every Friday, Monday and Wednesday at 5 PM. Arrival time in Caticlan is the next day between 6 and 8 AM.

Other shipping companies service the route Manila to Dumaguit, half an hour east from Kalibo. The companies are WG&A and Negros Navigation.

By Car from Luzon
Caticlan, the entry point for Boracay, can be reached also by private cars or air-conditioned buses, via the 'strong republic nautical highway', stretching from Batangas, Luzon, to Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao. A RoRo (Roll On - Roll Off) vessel leaves Batangas daily at 8.30 AM to Calapan, Mindoro. From there drive your own car or board a mini-van or air-conditioned bus to Roxas, Mindoro, where another RoRo vessel leaves at 2 PM for Caticlan, where the boat arrives at 6 PM. Private cars can be parked at one of the many shady and secured parking lots for a fee. No cars are allowed on Boracay Island. The same RoRo vessel leaves Caticlan daily at 9 AM. Contact number: Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc., Main office Batangas City, Tel.: 043 723 7975/ 723 7598 and 723 2964.




Red Coconut Beach Resort-BoracayRed Coconut Beach Resort-Boracay 3days 2nights 

discounted accommodation aklan boracay

red coconut beach resort boracay island philippines tour packages aklan GARDEN VIEW - Promo Packages

Package Inclusions & Features:


3 Days / 2 Nights RATE
Twin Sharing - Fan Room
PhP 2,923 net
PhP 1,372 net
Twin Sharing - Aircon Room
PhP 3,748 net
PhP 1,748 net
Twin Sharing - De Luxe
PhP 4,243 net
PhP 2,032 net
Twin Sharing - Family Aircon
PhP 3,088 (six pax)net
PhP 1,438 (six pax) net
Triple Sharing - fan room
PhP 2,659 net
PhP 1,240 net
Triple Sharing - Aircon Room
PhP 3,220 net
PhP 1,504 net
Triple Sharing - De luxe
PhP 3,550 net
PhP 1,669 net
Triple Sharing - Family Room
PhP 2,428 (if 9pax) net
PhP 1,108 (if 9pax) net
Single Occupancy - Fan room
PhP 4,738 net
PhP 2,263 net
Single Occupancy - Aircon Room
PhP 6,388 net
PhP 3,088 net
Single Occupancy - De luxe
PhP 7,378 net
PhP 3,583 net

red coconut beach resort boracay island philippines tour packages aklan SEA VIEW - Promo Packages

Package Inclusions & Features:


3 Days / 2 Nights RATE
Twin Sharing - SUPERIOR
PhP 5,810 net
PhP 5,743 net
Twin Sharing - EXECUTIVE
PhP 7,170 net
PhP 3,365 net
Twin Sharing - SUITE
PhP 8,668 net
PhP 4,123 net
Triple Sharing - SUPERIOR
PhP 4,867 net
PhP 2,292 net
Triple Sharing - EXECUTIVE
PhP 5,882 net
PhP 2,721 net
Triple Sharing - SUITE
PhP 6,892 net
PhP 3,259 net
Single Occupancy - SUPERIOR
PhP 10,320 net
PhP 4,998 net
Single Occupancy - EXECUTIVE
PhP 12,920 net
PhP 6,263 net
Single Occupancy - SUITE
PhP 15,868 net
PhP 7,963 net



Snorkeling & Beach Hopping

Trips around the island often include snorkeling stopovers at different beaches or coves and drinks and lunch. In the monsoon season it’s sometimes not possible to circle the island, but the West- and East coasts of Boracay provide enough coves, beaches, snorkeling grounds and scenic views for a couple of exciting hours. Boat trips can be arranged by the front desk of the resorts or at one of the three boat-stations.

Banana-Boat Riding

The entertaining banana-boat rides are very popular. Banana-boats in various sizes, ranging from three to 10 people per ride are available. Sport shops offering rides display their banana-floaters at the beach and are easy to find.

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding

A few places along the White Beach offer windsurfing and kiteboarding equipment and lessons. The main beach though for Windsurfers is Bulabug beach with many places offering equipment for rent and also lessons. The best time for windsurfing is between December and February, when the Northeast monsoon blows. Every year windsurf freaks can participate at the Boracay International Fun Board Cup, a Leg of the Asian Windsurfing Tour.

Mountain Biking & Hiking

Exploring the island with mountain bikes and by foot is not only healthy, but one will also encounter remote places and special scenery. Paths are crisscrossing the whole island. Mountain bikes can be rented almost everywhere along the White Beach and at many other places.


Motorbikes can be rented at several places. We recommend renting them at the office of the Motorbike Association over the front desk of your resort. The hilly Southern and Northern parts of the island are ideal for motor biking. Please don’t motorbike along the beaches – law prohibits it.

Beach Volleyball & Beach Football

Many places along the White Beach put up volleyball nets during daytime. Mornings and especially later in the afternoon people gather spontaneously and play for fun or challenging games. Beach Football is also played spontaneously along the White Beach, culminating in two yearly championship events, where tourist-teams play against teams from the Philippines, USA and Hong Kong.

Tennis, Golf & Horse-Back Riding

There are three tennis courts on the island, a 19 hole world-class golf course and a horse stable for island-excursions by horse.

Wall Climbing

Boracay Island has the only 40-feet (~13 meters) professional climbing-wall outside Manila.

Wellness & Workout

At a state-of-the-art gym fitness freaks can work out after jogging along the White Beach; wellness, pampering and soul connection is the motto of a new health day spa.

Internet Cafes

Many Internet cafes of various sizes, with air-conditioning or inside a palm leaf hut, offer their services.

Special Events Calender 2003


From To Activity
7 January 13 January 13th Boracay International Fun Board Cup, Leg of the Asian Windsurfing Tour. Info:
14 January 14 January Ati Atihan Festival along Boracay's White Beach
15 January 21 January World famous Ati Atihan Festival in Kalibo
22 January 28 January Tribal Ati Atihan Festival in Ibajay
7 January 14 January Fil-American Friendship Golf Cup
20 February 24 February Goma Golf Cup
19 February 9 March Corporate Golf Cup (Seniors & Regular Men)
30 March 1 April Boracay Dive Olympics 
30 March 1 April Sand Lantern Contest
1 April 8 April Boracay Invitational Golf Tournament
20 April 22 April Boracay Beach Soccer Cup
20 April 22 April Cultural Shows in various places
28 April 1 May Nestea Beach Volleyball
11 May 13 May Triathlon
11 May 13 May Boracay Food Festival
11 May 14 May Beach Reggae Festival 
9 September 15 September Caddie Shack Golf Tournament
11 November 17 November Chairman's Golf Cup
18 November 24 November Boracay International Beach Football Championship
28 December 30 December Village Fiesta in Balabag with religious procession, square dance & Disco at the plaza



 Becca's Cafe 

Becca's Cafe and Restaurant overlooking the beach and sunset offers sumptuous buffet dinner "Shabu Shabu", an array of different kind of food concoctions grilled with salads and desserts as accompaniment.

 Danzka Bar 

Visit Danzka Bar and avail of the “Happy Hour Spree” from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. and be treated to another round free

Boracay Steakhouse

Steaks and salads unique to Boracay!

Experience Steaks, Salads and other specialties sitting on a terrace overlooking the sea. That's the "Steakhouse Boracay ", the islands premier Steak & Salad restaurant.

Among the specialties of Steakhouse are appetizers as beef or fish carpaccio, Entrées as the delicious Alberto Special Salad, or main courses as Australian T-Bone Steak, Tenderloin, served with either vegetables or different kind of salads. The "Boracay Steakhouse" caters not only to meat lovers, but also to vegetarians with the many salads and the Swiss "Roesti", a hearty potato dish. Try also the pasta, among the favorite 'Penne' with four different cheese.

Boracay Steakhouse has European trained Management and uses only meat imported from Australia.

Boracay Steakhouse is conveniently located a couple of steps south of Boracay's boat station 1.

Enjoy at Pikoy's the resort's coffee shop and restaurant. Picoy's serves a range of local and international cuisine. Open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The Garden Terrace
At sundown, the Garden Terrace at the Sea Wind transforms into an "al fresco" seafood and barbecue grillerie. Open from 6:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

True North
True North, the bar, gives visitors late night entertainment and complacency. Open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.