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,Atlantic Spotted

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Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
(Stenella frontalis)

The Atlantic Spotted Dolphin looks very similar to the bottlenosed dolphin except for the noticeable body spots. They are generally somewhat smaller than their cousins. As with all dolphins they travel in close family groups called pods.

Habitat: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins occur in both coastal and oceanic waters.

Food & Feeding: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins take squid and a large selection of fish.

Behaviour: The typical family group can reach a maximum of around fifty individuals, but most often numbers between 5-15 in coastal areas. This species is particularly vocal and very active at the surface; high jumps, lobtailling, forward flips and bowriding have all been observed. They have also been seen aiding distressed members of their schools.

Longevity: Unknown.