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Ext: night. A road in the middle of nowhere. A truck. It stops.

Int: truck. Driver looks impatient.

Driver: So, You gonna level with me or what?!

Passenger: I said its none of your damn business now if you’re gonna drive just drive already.

Driver: None of my business eh… Look mate, if you’re carryin’ drugs or cash I can get yer to a safehouse…if you grease me palms, know what I mean? Otherwise it’s the highway for ya.

Passenger stays silent and grabs the bag tighter to himself.

Passenger(in low, threatening voice): I don’t want any trouble. Just drive me a little further.

Cut to:

Ext: C.U. of headlights. SoundFX Door opening and closing. Shadow passes in front of headlights(right to left). SoundFX Door opening.

Driver(from left): Out you go…

Voices rise to quarrel as driver evidently is dragging passenger out of truck.

Int: truck, low angle with view of passenger seat in FG and driver seat in the BG. There is a ‘object’ on the seat. Driver gets into truck. he looks down and puzzlement passes over his face for a split second.

Driver: Well, it’s mine now.

Driver makes to start the engine.

Cut to: view through windscreen. As the engine turns on the lights flick off and when they turn on again the passenger is standing right in front of the truck.

Cut to: MidShot of passenger His fists are clenched and he is obviously very irate.

Passenger: You drove me to it!

CU of passengers face. He is very angry and is shouting, veins popping out of his temples.

Passenger: I didn’t want to be a killer but you give me no option!

Track out to mid shot as passenger starts to strain and his body starts to change shape.

Reverse shot of passenger still changing shape and then he starts to run.

Passenger: Give me back the guyver unit!

Cam follows man and changes to POV shot.

As cam reaches driver we see a look of complete horror.



Sho is getting ready for school. As he leaves his father shows him the newspaper. especially a story regarding a smashed up truck. Sho leaves reminding his dad that he won’t be back til late. He is going on a picnic with some friends.



Chronos troopers, under a cliff, talk about where ‘Malmot’ may be. Passenger is watching and states “so they are looking for me”. Also he mentions something about meeting someone in 7 hours.



7 hours later. Sho, Mizuki and Tetsuro are leaving school. Agito stops them and Mizuki is flustered. He wants to talk about the student council but Mizuki, much to the others’ dismay, invites him along. When they get to the lake they start the picnic. Agito then makes an excuse and leaves. Mizuki notices that he forgot something and follows.



Malmot is being chased by Chronos troopers. He takes out a small but strange looking grenade.

Sho and Tetsuro are talking about, Mizuki and Agito. An explosion occurs.

A guyver unit flies through the air and hits Sho in the stomach. He is in agony but is not seriously injured. After Tetsuro tends to him, Sho wants to find out what the item is. He gingerly picks it up. It is sparking a little around one side the other is covered in mud. Tetsuro tells him to be careful. Sho starts to clean some of the mud off but something goes CLICK. The sparking increases and the guyver burst onto him. The sparking then moves into one small round metal part and turns into a ring of blue flame. Tetsuro moves in to try and tear the thing off but it lashes out and knocks him flying into a nearby tree. As the thing wraps itself around Sho it is throwing his balance this way and that and eventually he stumbles into the lake. There is a bubbling and the lake gives out clouds of steam.



We are seeing through the eyes of someone who is being woken up by a Chronos soldier. He Asks the person (who is Tetsuro) if he has seen the item in the photo. Tetsuro looks terrified and looks around. When prompted again he stammers the words “ I meengle nin hijussstteer …” and then starts to blubber with sobs of “ Sho, oh no Sho” he is hysterical.

The Chronos agent says he is useless and then speaks to one of his comrades. “Call Gregole over to crush this boy. Seeing as he was stuck by that bomb he might as well make himself useful.” At once a lumbering 8 ft green monster comes crashing through the trees. He walks toward the boy. A call from over by the lake stops Gregole. “Something has landed here, we must keep that boy until he learns to talk again.” The lake begins to bubble again and more steam rises. A huge splash comes from the water as if something has burst out from it. And THUMP. A figure is crouched on the floor. It stands up slowly and it is GUYVER.

There is confusion among the Chronos men as guyver just stands there.

After a short while the man who is clearly the leader boldly walks toward him and says “ state your team, mission and purpose” but as he walks toward guyver threateningly, the guyver turns, grabs him by the neck and SNAP. Gregole sees this and charges at him. Guyver kills Gregole also. The rest of the Chronos men run away.

Guyver then strangely falls to its knees, the eyes, which were previously glowing, now fade and the head rises in a human sort of fashion. It looks at Tetsuro who is starting to cope. “Whatever you are, thanks.” Says Tetsuro.



Sho is in bed and Tetsuro is sitting next to him.

“Oh you’re awake finally,” says Tetsuro.

Tetsuro shouts to Mizuki who is downstairs. We cut to Mizuki who starts to make a drink. “I’m bringing some tea up then”

Tetsuro is filling Sho in. “So you really don’t remember anything after the thing opened?” “No nothing, so where did that thing go after it helped you? How did you find me?”

“Sho you don’t remember? Don’t you understand? You WERE that thing!”

“ But how…?”

At that moment Mizuki comes into the room.

Sho is obviously quiet and Mizuki starts making a fuss asking him how he is and saying she wished she had gone back after not finding Agito.



At Chronos HQ a man named Lisker is talking to his Chronos men.

He states that there were 3. The only one they recovered was damaged and now is mistakenly merged with a host . They must go and find the kid if he is still alive and find out which way the guyver went from the lake. Tetsuro gets kidnapped and Sho follows. Sho is caught and listens while Lisker is explaining how dangerous the guyver is and if anyone had the will to destroy the guyver would obey. He asks where it went then demands where it went then starts to torture Sho. Shos thoughts are on the guyver and how it will help someone destroy. His eyes focus on the zoanoid he wants to destroy and then he thinks “Help. I need your help, guyver.” And then he mumbles it “help me please, you are supposed to help me aren’t you” And then he says a bit louder, “ help me help me please” and then as teeth start to sink into his arm he shouts” Help me, GUYVER!”

A force field the shape of Shos arm and body force the zoanoid outward and away until Sho is suspended in a cocoon of light. The guyver, floats behind him mostly obscured apart from the swords and head spike. The guyver is glowing like a silhouette. Then it fans out like a mouth opening to eat him and wraps around him. The light fades and heat rises from the newly formed body of the guyver.

Lisker jumps up “YOU!? Get him now!” Tetsuro is forgotten in the rush to get at guyver. The fight moves through a wall and into a large storage area. One zoanoid has Sho in a stranglehold but as the other runs toward him raises his foot with such force that the already bloody zoanoid (he was trying to bite Shos arm) get his face imploded. Sho then lifts his arms and pulls the zoanoid over his head and through the air at a pillar. Tetsuro is just behind Sho. “I’m just here Sho,” he says. Then Sho says, “I’m getting a strange urge to open my breastplate….”. Tetsuro replies “do it”.

Enter the mega smasher.

Sho is panting, tired. Lisker walks toward him. “I told you we found one of the guyver units already. Did you wonder what happened to it?” he said casually. He started running toward Sho and in a blinding flash he becomes guyver 2!

He smashes into Sho and Sho gets pummelled quite a bit. Sho is up against a wall.

Lisker:-“ You know, I have been hand picked and trained to be one of the elite in Chronos. I am a PERFECT PHYSICAL SPECIMEN. And now I am guyver and you…..”

He darts forward with his sword toward shos neck. We see two pairs of guyver feet.

The pair against the wall fall forward followed by a body minus a head.

“….are dead.”



In Chronos HQ Tetsuro is being questioned by lisker. We see a lab in which the control medal is being studied. The scientists stand over a container which has a guyver organism in it thrashing about. “well we have found two, we just need to find the last one.” “Yeah but what if that one has been activated as well?” “well we’ll have another pile of goop on our hands!” they both laugh. Then there is a sound of glass smashing and the lights go out. The room is lit by red light alone. One of the scientists turns around and all we see is a dark shadow and two glowing eyes with a glinting metal circle above them. As Tetsuro is with lisker reports come to him of disturbances throughout the building. Lisker commands Tetsuro to stay. He walks into a large room that has the red lights on. It is the research lab. The lights come back on and the room is empty apart from the dead scientists. “Any sign of activity” he speaks through a intercom. “there has been a break in your office. I think the kid might be trying to escape.”  “ok keep me informed”.

Lisker walks into his office only to be greeted by Tetsuro and guyver 1.

He stands dumbstruck for a moment then with a look of pure malice on his face he shouts “this time you’ll stay dead!” as the guyver envelops him. He runs forward and they fight. Guyver 1 is still outclassed but as they fight lisker starts to send sparks out from his control medal. Sho catches him in the face with his fist and knocks him to the ground. “ damn you, Taking advantage of me. If this unit wasn’t faulty youd’ve never got that in!” he then thrust his head forward and his sonic emitters vibrated almost glowing in the process. Sho rolled out of the way and the beam hit the desk, which vibrated for a moment and then broke into splinters.  lisker stood up laughing his CM still sparking.” You don’t even know how the weapons work! Your just a lucky punk” he leant his head forward again but Sho rolled again and landed next  to Tetsuro. Tetsuro spoke to him “Sho, those things he’s using. I noticed they vibrate when you speak. Try screaming as loud as you can!”

 Sho acknowledges, “ok I’ll try it”

Sho gets up and screams but the scream changes frequency and he uses the same weapon as lisker did. Lisker isn’t expecting this and it hits him right in the face. His control medal is not sparking anymore. It is as if streams of plasma are cascading out of the CM and the plasma starts to leak from his eyes as well. his orbs around his body all vibrate and explode and the control medal gives a bang and flies out of his head sending the plasma all over him where it then arcs to and fro from the falling control medal like electricity. This electricity then separates and runs over his body before fading. His posture is that of someone who is very, very cold.  His head is jerking to one side. There is a red liquid flowing out of the spaces where the orbs where. It is then coming out of his breathers and he claws at them at pull them off. The sonic orbs are still there and he is groaning “ I can’t breath, I can’t breathe!” then he starts to scream as the bits he is pulling at wrap themselves around his hands and his whole body seems to twist and turn out of proportion. His body starts to resemble octopus with tentacles flying here and there and soon becomes a goop monster ambling toward Sho.  Tetsuro shouts desperately toward Sho “are you feeling the urge to open your breastplate yet?!” Sho turns and nods at him before letting fly with ultimate destruction.



Sho and Tetsuro stand in an alley looking up at the Chronos building. They are wondering at how the guyver regenerated itself. Al of a sudden a voice comes from behind them “let me answer that for you” they turn and see a dark shadow and two shining eyes with a glinting metal circle above it. He walks forward and it is indeed the third guyver unit. He explains how he broke the case with the CM and placed it with the goop. Then he explains that there are more than one branch of Chronos and its only a matter of time before there is another commander in that building. They should rest up for now while they get the chance and enjoy what life they have remaining.