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The vulva is the opening into the reproductive organs. The cause of this could be many Sexually transmitted diseases. Removal of certain organs, Basic Infertility Pattern (BIP). The Adrenal gland causes a lot of changes in the Vulva’s swelling too. These could be the presence of the ruptured ovarian follicles that still persist t in the womb.

Affects that can take a toll on your body

The human Chronic Gonadotropin also called the Kinetic hormone is the reason for the ovarian follicles. The Malatonoin is also responsible for the increase in the pubic hair. The swellings are best manifested by the numbness and the presence of nodules sometimes.


This occurs due to the over-regulation of the hormones called the Estrogens during the ovulatory phases, due to aging, when the females enter the menoarch or the menopause stages, with the increase in the estrogen levels the mucus increases, The damage is due to certain Contraceptive pills, due to the use of the mechanical barriers.

Causative agents

The Trichominasis; This the Sexually Transmitted Disease. This is prevalent in seven (07) million people in the United States of America .The causative agent is Trichomonas Vaginalis. This malfunction is called das the Trich. This arises to the single –celled protozoa. The incubation period is generally five to twenty eight days.  This t vector is functional; both in the males and the females. This spreads due to the unclean linen, clothes worn by the affected. This generates severe pain during the intercourse. This could be treated by the removal of the Fallopian tubes. The vaginal discharge is frequent; there is severe amount of pain the abdominal region, Yeast infection, premature birth of he under-developed fetus, the risk of the Human Immuno Virus (HIV). The last thing you want to do in this situation is use erectile medication drugs and go all hard on that vag.


These can be prevented but rarely cured. These are the disease, which the world medics still needs to sought answers for. This could be prevented by the use of the mechanical barriers. The majority of the diseases are termed to be social stigmas because of our rudimentary ideas. But the removal   or to be more precise the eradications of these cu could only be possible when the masses accepts the affected and urges to be supportive of the treatment methods.

Description & Outlook:

The vein are the carriers of blood and their prime function is to forward the movement of the blood towards the heart. The swelling of the veins or the formation of swollen vein may account for more than one reason depending upon several factors such as the location of the vein in the body, congenital defectiveness, malfunctioning of the valves etc. It may also be the outcome of a prominent disease like varicose veins, thrombophlebitis or any other vascular and heart diseases. The swelling may also occur in different parts of the body depending upon the affected region within the body. In women swelling up of the veins can be absolutely normal and a natural process during pregnancy, menopause or as an effect of aging as scientific studies reveal. Veins may also swell in particularly in the hands or legs due to over exercise or as an effect of blood clotting due to a previous injury or an accident.

Related diseases for swelling effect:

Varicose veins can be termed as one of the most common condition in which the vein swell up mostly in the lower parts of the leg altering them into a twisted rope like structure causing severe pain, irritation and itching. The symptoms include aching & heaviness of the legs, blue shiny discoloration of the skin around the veins & prompt swelling of the veins especially at nights. Thrombophlebitis is a condition in which a blood clotting factor causes inflammation in or more of the veins mostly in the lower parts of the legs and rarely in the wrists & other parts of the body. Thrombophlebitis is often caused by prolonged inactivity and lack of exercise. It may also have its roots from paralysis, certain type of cancers and use of the hormone estrogen. Its common symptoms include warmth, tenderness in the affected area along with swelling & reddening of the veins.

Possible cures & medical treatments:

Most of the swellings caused in the veins are curable through simple medications & exercises in some cases. However medical attention should be sought after in serious cases. For varicose veins anti inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen can be helpful in total elimination for the swellings & other related symptoms. In specific cases regular exercise including vein gymnastics, wadding through water and walking bare foot may also prove fruitful.