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Sports Card Contest

This month's contest is to match the face with the card.

Here I have the face of an NBA or NFL Star.


Here are the contest rules:

Tell me the NBA or NFL Star's name and correct card information and you could win a $40.00 collection of basketball or football cards.

If I have more than one correct answer, I will put all the correct answers in a hat and draw the winner of the basketball cards.

Two guesses per e-mail address. If you send more than two guesses, I will use the first two you submit.

Winner will be notified by e-mail.


Here is what I need to know:
  1. player's name
  2. card manufacture
  3. card year
  4. card number

Thanks for playing!!!

Contest answer and winner will be posted 02/05/05.

Email your answer to Crazies Contest