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Using Spreadsheets in the Classroom

Spreadsheets are a valuable asset in teaching and learning. They can help students and teachers alike oraganize, review, chart and analyze information. I use spreadsheets as a quick and easy way of recording grades. The following spreadsheet is a sample of how I enter and average grades for a 4th grade class. I can add to the spreadsheet throughout the trimester and make adjustments as necessary.

Grade SpreadSheet

I can also use the information in the above spreadsheet to give students, parents and administration valuable information about acheivement, progress and areas of concern. For example, I took one students homework average, quiz average, test average and overall average and put it into a graph to visually show parents my concern about his low homework scores. I can show them that his lack of homework is bringing his grade down.

Grade Graph

Spreadsheets can also be used to track correlations between two or more events. For example, the following spreadsheet shows the correlation between attendance and achievement.

Attendance and Achievement

The above spreadsheet can also be made into a line graph to visually show the correspondence between attendance and achievement. This is especially useful for parents who are not fluent in English or if you are doing a presentation that does not allow participants to read through a spreadsheet. Attendance and Achievement Chart