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My progress report, there will be dates, and descriptions.. below are the requirements for advancement into the rank of Jedi Hunter from Guardian.. whatever is inlaid in RED will be complete.

GJW: Fiction - Torture Scene COMPLETE

GJW: Fiction - Archaeology Team IN PROGRESS

*Ensure the SA Leadership course is completed at this time, if it is not…then it is a requirement for this rank.
1) Participate in 1 Battle Team competition
2) Participate in 1 House competition
3) Participate in 1 Clan competition
4) Participate in 1 Order related competition
5) Complete 2 of the following:
     a) Submission to the Dark Voice (All)
     b) Victory in an ACC battle (All)
     c) 3 match wins (or 6 participations) in the ICTE (All)
     d) 6 match wins (or 12 participations) in non-sanctioned battles (All)

a list of activities in the GJW that i can do, others not listed, i cannot.

Fiction: Excavation Assignment, 5pgs.
Fiction: Interrogation, 1 pge.
Fiction: Last Days, Final Moments, 2-4 pges.
Fiction: Poetry, 2 pges min.
Fiction: Clan Run-On, keep writing
Jedi Outcast: CH1 Level.. very laggy on my comp
Graphics: Temple and Description, 1/2 to full pge writing.