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Welcome to my website, here's just a bit about myself, and then if you scatter about, and click the links around the top, you will discover various picture pages of me and my adorable friends 


Innocent lil me

Name: Rebecca Kate Jackson

Nick-Names: Becky, Bex, Rebecca, Jacko, Baby Bex, Baby Bexy, Becca, Beki, Becky Wecky, Becky Boo's, Betty, Cheeky Girl Numero uno / Cheeky, Princess, Jacksden, Kate, Wacko Jacko, Princess Crazie, Princess Becky, Princess Rebecca, Shortie, Bitch, Shorty (Taylor), Shortass, Sandra, Jebus, Baby Gurl, Pringle (Taylor), Princess Shorty, Mentalist (Ash), Smackhead , Smack rat , Ghostbuster, Multicolored Eyes, Sexy Bexy, Sexy Baby Bexy, Vixen, Belle (Sophie), B, Little Miss Thruster (Sean), Snugglehead (Sean), Speedy, Mrs Moo (Lee & Jason), Sweetheart (Sweetheart), Darling, Darling-est (Sean),

Age: 17,My Birthday's 17th January, 1988, I was born at 5:20 Am on a Sunday! which makes me a Capricorn and I think my Chinese zodiac symbol is a rabbit
Birth stone: Blue Sapphire
Occupation: Student, I have a 4-8 job in Boots, and I work there 3 days a week, yippee
5ft, which is the reason for various nicknames above
7 stone
Formby, Liverpool, UK
Hair color:
Naturally Dark Brown, But I have Black put in underneath with blonde and Black streaks on top :) 
Marital-Status: Single
Eye color: Multicolored, Yes that's right, Mulitmacoloured.  
Shoe Size: 4
Well I have Sixth Form to take up my days, and I also work three nights a week in Boots, so that I suppose entertains me every so often, I go out with my spectacular amigos at every possible opportunity, we go cinema-ing and get drunk as often as possible, and anything else we can think of doing. I also love shopping, and spend far too much money buying crap, which I never end up using. But I'm saving right now For America HAY HAY So I can buy crap there. And I also have a few lovely events popping my way soon enough. I Love Music, Music is my Life, whilst Adam Brody is my bitch.

  I Fookin' Love Adam Brody

Friends: I Love all my friends, more than anything, but if I was too type them all out here I would be here all day :P so you'll just have to see them on the pictures.


Well I Take, English, ICT and Psychology, Hate RE
Pink, and Black
I Always Buy Everything from Top Shop, I Love Quiggins too though
A - Aerosmith - Avid Merrion :D - Al Green - Alklaine Trio - All American Rejects - Avril Lavigne :P -Bare Naked Ladies - Beyonce - Blink182!!! - Bloodhound Gang - Bob Marley - Bon Jovi - Bowling For Soup - Bran Van 3000 - Britney Spears 0:) - Busted -Chemical Brothers - Cooler Kids - Counting Crows - Creed - D12 - Damien Rice - Death Cab For Cutie - Destiny's Child - Disney Songs! - Drowning Pool - Edwin Starr - Elecrtic Six -Eminem - Evanescence - Foo Fighters - Gerry & The Pacemakers \m/ - Good Charlotte - Green DayFUCK YEAH - Groove Armada - Group X - Gwen Stefani - Hoobastank - Incubus - Jamie Cullum - Jeff Buckley - Kaiser Chiefs - Kid Rock - Leanne Rimes - Less Than Jake - Limp Bizkit - Lipps Inc - Lit - Lost Prophets - Love Split Love - Marilyn Manson - Maroon 5 - Marvin Gaye - Matchbox 20 - Mcfly - Micheal Buble - Micheal Jackson - Motorhead - Nada Surf - New Found Glory - Nickelback - Orgy - Outkast - Patrick Park - Planet Funk - Puddle of Mudd - Queen - Queens Of The Stoneage - REM - Right Said Fred - Robbie Williams - Run DMC - Ryan Adams - Savage Garden - Scissor Sisters - Slightly Stoopid - Snow Patrol - Something Corporate - Soundgarden - System of a Down - Suger Hill Gang - Sum 41 - Team America Soundtrack - Tenacious D \m/ - The Beatles - The Commitments - The KGB - The Killers - The Oc Mix 1&2&3 - Theory of a Deadman - The Offspring - The Rememberants - Vapours - WAR - Ween - Will Smith - Wycleff Jean - Yellow Card 
The OC - Nip/Tuck - Little Britain - Desperate Housewives - Charmed - Will & Grace - Most Haunted - Dead Famous - Red Dwarf - Bo  Selecta - Scooby Doo - FRIENDS
Film: Romeo & Juliet - Moulin Rouge - DE-REK-ZOO-LAN-DER - Anchorman (I Love Lamp) - The Ring *Brief Adam Brody moment* - Constantine :) - Pirates of the Caribbean - Edward Scissor Hands - Finding Never land - Closer - Alfie *Shameful* - The Talented Mr. Ripley (Sigh Jude Law phase GRRR) - Saturday Night Fever ROCK ON TRAVOLTA - Donnie Dark - Team America FUCK YEAH - The Matrix - Bring it on - Chicago - Crazy/Beautiful - Beauty and the Beast - Shrek - Shrek 2 - Finding Nemo -
I Love the Chocolate, lots and lots, Chocolate is my Bitch, now if I could just figure how to put my two bitches together...hmm. Um Chips I love the Chipness, and I Love Cheeseburgers with a passion! I crave Flames and McDonalds Cheeseburgers.. without onions however because I am just weird like that. WEIRD. And I like Pizza, only of the plain variety mind. OoOh and I Love Easter when we mix the Easter eggs with breakfast cereal, 'cause it's just yummy.
I'd say my room, but it's really not. Ha. I don't care where I am as long as I am happy and smiling, which basically means as far away from my house as possible.
Things I like: I Like lots of itty bitty thing, these being for example.. My Friends, My Bad Girl Socks, Lasagne, Cheeseburgers, Chocolate!, Spunk Muffins, Light Blue, Black & White, Hot Pink, Baby Pink,  MTV, The Box, Kerrang, The Hits, LFC, John Arne Riise, Mooses, Llama's, Cheese, Disney,  FRIENDS, Texting, Mobile Phone, Portable Pole, MSN, Being Crazie, Hyper and Mental, Random, mini skirts, Knee high boots, photo's, alkemahol, kisses, sleeping, eating, being happy, eyes, singing (lol) Dirty minds, smiling, peanut butter jelly time! Whipped Cream, Strawberries, my sex dice, jelly handcuffs! Going Cinema, Going out, being special, being loud, puss in boots, the smell of popcorn, cheesing moose's, Snuggling, Sleeping, Eating, Television, Web cams, Being Bitchy (because it lets out stress duh), saying duh, saying ew, copying Johhny Depp in his Charlie and Chocolate Factory advert, Johhny Depp, Adam Brody, Seth Cohen, watching my favourite programmes, Listening to Programmes, Moshing at inappropriate moments, singing in Psychology, being random, Misty the Hamster! Msn Icons YAY

*Note* These are things I like. I Love my Seany which is why he is not listed above :P
Things I Don't Like: Annoying people That won't go away, Spiders, Being Sick, Feeling Sick, Being Hurt .emotionally, LIES!!! I HATE LIES and SHIT STIRRING!!! Shouting, Boring people, Insects, Flowers on clothes, being ignored, ugly people, sluts, dance music, fat people, broken promises, bad hair days, running out of eye liner, the white stripes, people who wear tacky clothes, ugly boots, ugly people, greasy hair, other people with greasy hair, other people who look plain stupid, pains in my stomache, going dizzy (unless drunk) Pain in other parts of my body, nail varnish that doesn't stay for more that 3 days, clothes that don't fit, clothes ;) not being able to buy stuff you want, man that sucks.

You can email me at KissfromaPrincess@hotmail.com

Here's Various pictures of just me on my own, I like taking pictures I do.

Little meTiny meTanning in the sunVery bad photo, Very Very bad photoBecklebackMe and Cheer Bear :)Me New Year and SAUSAGE ROLLSMe on 17thVery DrunkedMe and my old fantastic pink art bookHalloween tongue whooMWAHOooh:PSmiley :)I'm so InnocentMy lower regionsBecky Hands!She's So Hot Right nowWowAaaaahhhTake me to your leader...GER OF MY LANDDDBang Bang your deadI Didn't Do it, It was the monkey THE CRAZIE MONKEYMY LORD I'VE GOT ITkiss kisshmmm, I seeYou Killed my dog?Last Day Year 11

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