Mikey's Shouts!

Ahh yes. The traditional Shout Outs. I place a name and then a corny line or so to the person. Here's how it goes MikeyBoy style.....

Mattay - "We're in fucking Public!!"

Malcom - Holy shit buddy where to start...uhh....Numbskull :p The life we planned is now in play.

Antoine aka. Newt - Just think.... Because you met me you now understand the true joys of Weed my friend!

A-Mony - The Duke....."What, little guy?" ;)

Imac or Issac - Wow kid what the hell is it going to take to get you to accept defeat my friend.

Marcey - Got sooo fucked up on your oil!!

Matt - The reason I love brothers. If you trust me I will show you life ;)

Darryl - I lvoe you man *sheds a tear* take care of my little bro you fuck :P

Jackson - Oh I wish everyone knew you like I did. then they'd understand you better. None the less you are pretty screwed man. Keep your nose to the porn and don't let those fuckers tell you different.