Who the Hell is this ugly F*cker??!!

Well...... my name is Mike Lien. Duhh...I enjoy multiple activities. Toking, Music, Sports, Girls, Partying....just a few of my favorite things.

Born in Edmonton Alberta, January 7th, 1984.I moved to Brooks Alta. at age 4 and lived there until about grade 6. I then moved from Brooks to Sicamous, B.C. until grade 10 then moved to Salmon Arm, B.C. until July of 2003 where I now reside in exciting Cow-Town.

All my life I lived and breathed sports. I played rep hockey and played for Alberta in an international tournament when I lived in Brooks. I then played rep hocky in Sicamous. I play defence and have a very annoying tendency to rush the play. My favorite player ever is the retired Raymond Borque #77 of the Boston Bruins. The greatest Team ever was Vancouver Canucks, and I will always be on their side living a province away or not. I played highschool football when I moved to Salmon Arm as a reciever. Went to Vancouver for provincials. OH GOD WAS IT SWEET OR WHAT TO PLAY IN BC PLACE WOOTT!!

Music has been apart of my life since my mom got dared to kiss my dad late March early April of 1983. I play bass guitar. Influenced by AFI, Blink 182 and Matt Vatkin. I play punk music mostly. I know most Blink 182 and am learning AFI. I can't go ten minutes without hearing anythign remotely close to music.

For spare-time I smoke lots of weed, hang out with my girl Ashley and most of all, high times with Mattay, Newt and Malcolm.

I am a guy of uniqueness. I am who I am. I have no idea what it is but if you could place me in a catageory I wouldn't as fun as I am.

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