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One of the city's most important annual event is the Sinadya Festival, which commemorates the Feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception on December 8. The word Sinadya means, "lets be happy." The festival showcases civic, cultural, and religious activities that embody the spirit of the Capizeno. Among the many highlights of the fiesta are the enchanting night-time fluvial parade along Panay river complimented by the spectacular display of fireworks , Comparza night, parade of higantes, and the coronation of the Fiesta Queen. 


    Halaran Festival, Roxas City; depicts the colorful history and culture of the Capizenos back to the pre-Spanish times particularly the landing and settlement of the Bornean datus; highlighted by eating, drinking and dancing to the exotic beat of drums; celebrated every first weekend of October.

      Sinadya Festival, Roxas City; showcases the rituals and festivities of the Capizenos; highlighted by the diana, fireworks display, grand dancing parade, giant papier maches, processions, food festivals and sports exhibitions.

      Balintawakan Festival , Pontevedra; a simple gathering mostly of senior citizens of Pontevedra characterized by a "binayle" at the town's public market.

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