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My FaVoRiTe WeBsItEs!!

AlL AbOuT ShAkEsPeAre


CoOl ShAKeSpEaRe StUFf



MacBeth came back to rule the land witch was rightfully his. He came back too kill MacDuff and Haunt Malcolm.

Malcolm got married too Cinderella and had 7 Dwarfs and was king of Scottland. MacDuff had no family so he was living with his grand mother.

When Macbeth went to Macduffs grandma's house he disguised as Malcolm.

Macduff came too the door and 'malcolm' said "lets go out for dinner."

Macduff said "sure just let me get my coat."

When they were at MacDonalds Macbeth ripped off his disguise and said "IM BACK MACDUFF, I AM BACK" Macbeth ripped out his sword and held it up to his face, but the Macdonalds worker seen and called the guards and they took him away and put him in a dungeon!

But Macbath found a was out and decided to go and and try again but this time in his SLEEP! When he got there he climbed through the window and went to Macduff and stabbed it in his heart! Then Macbeth ran befor Macduffs grandma woke up.

Then their was no one left so Macbeth brought back Lady Macbeth and was King of scottland like he wanted to be!!