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Take your llama to work day

The Llama World Corporation's Take Your Llama to work day was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed meeting their friends's llamas, and the llamas had a great time: studies show stress decreased 35 percent, and self-esteem went up 46 percent. This was a wonderful experience for the llamas, but next time we hope the owners will clean up after their llama: the janitor's stress level increased 100 percent.

Other then that, we can all look forward to seeing our llama's pictures in the Michigan State News. Congratulations everyone, and remember: Love Your Llama!

I hope to see everyone at the Staff Meeting on March 12, 2004. Llamas are welcome, but we ask that you contribute the following if your are planning on bringing your llama: One- half gallon of water, 4 large carrots, and any brand llama food. Also, please make sure that your llama is properly attired, Llama World tee shirts with the owner's name are encouraged. Thank you for your cooperation!