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Family Honor

Llama World History

The Llama World Corporation was founded in 1923 by French Native Sophie d' Ordinateur. Miss. d' Ordinateur was born in 1900 on a llama farm on the outskirts of Paris, France. There she helped her mother and father care for the llamas every day. Some people in Paris believed that llama meat was only for eating, so they gave no respect to the d' Ordinateur family or their beloved llamas. Finally, in 1923, Miss. d' Ordinateur fouded the Llama Nationality Pride, later changed to The Llama World Corporation, to spread the love of llamas throughout the world. This started out as just a private European adoption agency for hurt or emotionally desturbed llamas, but today it is a business that adopts llamas to people in 20 countires, including the U.S, Mexico, Great Britian, Canada, and Australia.

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