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Hulk SMash

The work by Jon Turman, Michael France and the final cook that brought it all together… James Schamus contributed to realizing a gigantic budget monster movie based upon the original Marvel Comic property by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. For Comic fans it’s more than just the purple pants or green skin. More than just getting his name right. As written, this script lays out the classic era world of THE HULK. The period where a scientist suffers a horrible accident which turns him into a man that can become a monster without any real control. An Unstoppable monster. He has the entire U.S. Military trying to stop him. There are other monsters in this world he’s in. Dangers abound. He’s given his moments of solitude, we see the legendary DESERT BASE – as written we get a Hulk that has never been seen before. That mesa leaping Hulk. The device for giving HULK voice was so smart and I actually giggled as I read it. Very clever. The characters are drawn from the comic, yet fleshed out. Very good work here.