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Run-Flex Shoe Mission Statement

Run-Flex Shoe Company is a global sports and fitness company with a heritage dating back to 1995. We are a leader in the design and development of authentic products and services, and we influence the athletic lifestyle trends of the world. Run-Flex Shoe Company is a true partner with its customers and is relentlessly committed to their success. Built on a foundation of trust, listening and innovation, we are our customers' most valued resource for quality products and information and the leading authority in sports and fitness.

Our purpose is to ignite a passion for winning, to do the extraordinary, and to capture the customer's heart and mind. Run-Flex Shoe Company has a fun, energetic culture driven by the value we place on people, our greatest asset. We embrace diversity in its fullest sense. We act with integrity and operate through confident, empowered teams.

With courageous leadership, we stay focused on what is most important to our customers. We have a deep-felt commitment to operate in a socially responsible way and we stand for human rights throughout the world. We are committed to excellence and innovation in everything we do. We demonstrate our excellence by setting exceptional performance standards, which we then achieve through focused perseverance and vigorous execution.  

Innovation and magical ideas drive our company to create powerful breakthrough products and inspirational marketing and advertising. Our passion for winning creates our possibilities. We harness the boundless creative energy of every individual to make the differences that count - to captivate the consumer and create an exceptional global brand and organization. We make a difference: