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Web Evaluation


ED347 Website Evaluation

Directions for the website evaluation:

I. You are to evaluate one website that you have included on the hot list developed for your lesson plan.

II. Evaluate the website using the evaluation sheet below.

III. When you have completed the questions below, save them in a file and attach it to your TaskStream Lesson Plan under MATERIALS.

***You will be developing a website later in the semester. Refer back to your website evaluation as to what makes for a good


1. Site Location: http:_www.jointhealing.com__________________________________________

2. Purpose:

a. What is the goal of this site?

To explore and help people to find various methods of healing their injured knee.


b. Who supports this site and what is their goal in presenting this information?

It is founded by two certified orthopedic surgeons. The goal is to assist people in finding reliable treatment for various bone/joint injuries and disorders.


3. Authority:

a. Does the individual or group who constructed this information have the knowledge or experience to be considered reliable?

Yes they are both certified orthopedic surgeons, and also have experience in other various fields of medicine.


b. Does the author cite authorities?

They do cite where they went to school and what degrees they have obtained.


c. How confident are you that the author(s) that constructed this information is (are) well-qualified?

Very, both give a thorough explanation of their medical expertise in the study of joints and joint injuries.



a. How would this site be useful to you? (What activities would you conduct using this site?) Substantial discussion is necessary to adequately

answer this question.

This site is useful in many ways. It holds information on knee injuries, structure of the knee, and ways to heal your injuries. It also includes a way to buy products such as braces to assist in this healing process. But it also gives stretching excercises and such. I would use this site not only to improve my health, but maybe to help people learn more about what they have done to their joint.


b. Are links to other sites provided for greater depth or detail?

Yes, there are several links do other health related sites.

c. Is an additional search necessary in order to find further information?

No, not at all, this site is totally loaded.

5. Format:

a. Describe the overall appearance of the site (text, color, graphics, reading level, font size, too much text, too much graphics, etc.)

The page is very colorful and contains highlighted, and moving graphics. Many pictures are used to describe products.


b. Is the material clearly presented?

Yes, it is very organized, and laid out quite clearly. The multicolored headings make it especially easy, because they stand out so much.


c. Is the information presented in a format that is easily understood?

Yes, but they could probably use a better format for listing there products. A tyotal layout takes up too much space.

d. Is there a statement as to whether you can reproduce this information for educational purposes?

No, I do not see that anywhere on the site.

6. Acceptance of Material:

a. Does the material come from a source that is widely recognized?


Well, it seems to be a fairly well known company.

b. Does the site provide information as to how many individuals have accessed this site? If yes, what was the number when you accessed this


No, but there is a discussion group that belongs to the site, so they must have frequent visitors.

c. When was the site last updated? Does it say on the page?

Copyrights are for 2000-2003, so I am assuming 2003.

Extra Credit:(5 points)

Submit your website to the "Bobby" web site at This website measures the accessibility of the website that you

submitted for people with special needs. Then write a paragraph detailing why or why not the web site that you submitted for evaluations

accessible to people with special needs.