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Course Competencies (Based on ISTE 2000 Technology Standards)

Competency I - Using Email - Students will be required to obtain an email account for use during the course as part of course communication activities. The email address is needed for communications with the ED347 instructors . Students will be required to obtain their own email account through free email services on the World Wide Web such as or or through a temporary email account with Western.

Coming into this class I have had an e-mail account for seven years.

Competency II - Using a Web-based Course Management System - Students will be required to enroll in the ED347 course management system provided by WebCT. Students will need to gain a working knowledge of the course management options within the Webct system for communications via discussion boards and email. Assignment evaluations (points) for assignments will be posted on Webct. Other announcements about the course will also be posted on the ED347 Webct site.

I am able to confidently use the Webct system, and evrything involved in doing so.

Competency III - Using the Internet - Students will be expected to use the Internet on a weekly basis for course related discussion, communications, materials, and resources. Using the Internet will require a working knowledge of a web client such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer. These software tools can be found in all WMU computer labs on campus or can be downloaded free from Netscape or Microsoft. Students will be required to evaluate an educational web site as well as prepare items for placement on the Web as part of creating a personal web-base portfolio and as part of a ThinkQuest web site development project.

Using the internet to be actively involved in discussion and questions was accomplished.

Competency IV - Creating Desktop Presentations - Students will be required to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The presentation will demonstrate a working knowledge of the PowerPoint software, the use of graphics, and the ability to print a paper copy of the PowerPoint slides.

The link above describesthe presentation I have given.

Competency V - Creating a Spreadsheet - Students will be expected to create a simple data collection page on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The assignment will require a working knowledge on introductory spreadsheet formatting and printing commands.

Competency VI - Web Page Authoring - Students will be required to create several web pages and a web site using various web authoring tools including creating a personal portfolio site and a collaborative site on Thinkquest.

Competency VII - Desktop Publishing - Students will be required to use a common desktop publishing authoring software to create newsletters that can be used by elementary teachers.

Competency VIII - Use of the Inspiration Planning Tools - Students will be required to use the Inspiration Software tool to plan a comprehensive lesson. Inspiration software ( is a visual learning tool used to assist with the development of ideas and to organize thinking by individuals and small groups.

Competency IX - Integration of Technology into Lesson Plans - Students will be required to use the TaskStream Curriculum Builder Lesson Planning tool to create three lessons that integrate Michigan Academic Benchmark Standards and ISTE Technology Standards. The lesson planning assignments also require the creation of scoring rubrics using the Taskstream Rubric Wizard. Each students builds a lesson plan of their own.

Competency XI - Hands-on Experience Using Instructional Technology Equipment - Students will be expected to demonstrate skill and confidence in using technology related equipment common found in elementary education classrooms including computers, video projection equipment, video conferencing equipment, and other forms of digital electronics.