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Text Box: who speak up, and steps on everyone else.  The way I teach integrates class discussion with class activities and projects. This method is sure to include all levels of students and all kinds of student backgrounds. The students will use my knowledge and their own to facilitate ideas according to what they have come to understand. This innovative learning curriculum will bolster not only the students book and intelligence skills, but also their language and social skills.

Text Box: 	My goal as a teacher is to help prepare students for all challenges they will encounter in the future of their education. At the same time I really want us to all have fun together and remember why we are all here: to learn. The beginning of this year brings along questions that you as parents may ask like; What will my child be learning? Why has my child been unhappy at school in the past? How is school different now then it was when I was a child? My goal throughout the year is to answer these questions and shed some light on the problems our students face in everyday school life.

Text Box: I am looking forward to teaching all of your children, and it is my pledge that your students will be able to do things by the end of this year that you would have never imagined they would have been able to do even by the end of middle school!! I hold my self in contempt for anything that may go unlearned in this classroom. I also do the same for anything that hinders the students abilities to have fun while learning. 
	As a teacher I have a heavy belief that it is harder to learn when you are not having fun in the classroom. The only way to have fun while learning is to reform some of the teaching styles we saw as children. If you believe that these styles are the only way to learn your child may receive some friction from your beliefs to mine. The old traditional style teaching advances the students Text Box: What my Classroom is about
Text Box: Goals for your students, you, and me!!
Text Box: Student Goals
Discuss matters and problems thoroughly with fellow classmates
Demonstrate higher level thinking and create their method of thinking
Move to the next level on all subjects
Text Box: Parent Goals
Listen to students projects and ideas willingly and intentively
Help students through mind blocks by assisting them to teach themselves
Be willing to see a new way of thinking
Text Box: My Goals
To instill in students the confidence to create new atmospheres for learning
To give students the opportunity to explore new ways of interacting with each other
To assure that fun will never cease at any time of the year.
Text Box: Volume 1, Issue 1 2/21/04
Text Box: Special points of interest:
Innovative Learning
More fun than not
A multicultural classroom





LEARN!! Parents Edition


Students work together in and out of class.

Students help each other understand.

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