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About Me


Why Teach?
About Me
I play the amazing Grace solo during post game, after a loss to the University of Virginia.

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys, Benji Denamin and I perform a duet in "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys", at Halftime. 11/08/03

As you can see I spend a lot of time on and with my music.


This is my section!!

My name is Jay Wentworth, I am studying to be an elementary educator at Western Michigan University. I grew up in Battle Creek, MI and went to Franklin elementary school. From then I continued my education at Southeastern Junior High school. After that I preceded to the Battle Creek area Mathematics and science center, and Battle Creek Central high school. I dropped out of The BCAMASC to join more band classes to pursue my love for music, and teaching. I went to Western with intent to study elementary music education. Finding that I was too interested in having fun with music instead of practicing four hours a day I switched to just elementary education, I could not have made a better decision. I am now engaged and a junior in my 2nd smester at Western. I enjoy playing in the marching band and pepband, and am looking forward to being a section leader and lead soloist next year for the marching band.

So why not go into music? Tried that, I didn't have any fun at all, you see I am like a big kid, and that is what I will always be like. I don't like to be closed minded and I felt like the music school was closing me off. Teaching children allows me to express myself as a teacher and a learner, it is my true passion, I am glad I happened to run into it at the time I did.


Halloween 2002, I always dress up as a fellow trumpeters mom, Benji was this years victim!!