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Savonian Empire is a wealthy and democratic state between Finland and Russia. Click on the links for further information

Kansalaiset, medborgare, fellow citizens!

As we all know, the almighty God is wise and ambitious. Therefore it is not difficult to compare Him to our Great Leader or Ville - our Great Leader - to Him!

During the reign of our Great Leader Ville the total imports of Savo have increased by 30%. At the moment prostitution and the production of moonshine are the major businesses of the Savonian Empire and thus they are the most vivid businesses in Europe in their respective sectors. After the abolishment of social security, plenty of real estates have been available for all the citizens in the Great Capital Mikkeli. Therefore we don't have homeless people anymore, because they all have homes nowadays!

This Government notice is delivered to every household due to the forthcoming elections. You can give Ville either a YES or NO vote. YES vote means that you are supporting the righteous leader of our Savonian Empire. Citizens are encouraged to vote for Ville. In case you want to betray the Savonian Empire and therefore be a separatist, you can give a NO vote for Ville. The government of Savo suggests that no citizen will give a NO vote for Ville in case he or she wants to have a successful and peaceful life in the Savonian Empire.


Vote for Ville! He is the best choice for the free people of Savo!

Copyright 2006 The Government of Savonian Empire