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Savonian Empire is a wealthy and democratic state between Finland and Russia. Click on the links for further information























Here you can see the map of the Savonian Empire. Mikkeli - the capital of Savonian Empire - is showed as a red dot on the map. Notice how large the Savonian Empire is!












Information about Savonian Empire

Coat of arms:

Emperor: Great Leader Ville
Capital: Mikkeli (230 000 inhabitants)
Area: 48 727 km²
Population: 590 000
Official language: no official language, Savo de facto
National anthem: Juankoski here I come
National sport: mölökky (a game consisting of wooden sticks)
National animal: kännikala (loosely translated drunken fish, an alcoholic; these animals are mostly found in market places across the Savonian Empire)
National flower: A bar flower in Mikkeli's Kisabaari (also known as Pirjo)

Savonians (92%), Finns (6%), Russians (1%), Juva people (1%)
Currency: Rahhoo (RAH), 1 RAH = 0,001 EURO

Economy of Savonian Empire:
- Inflation rate (2006): 45%.
- Economical growth (2006): 0%
- Exports are moonshine, prostitution and strange dialect. Everything else is imported.

Interesting facts:
- A bottle of moonshine costs 9000 Rahhoo’s.
- Mikkeli has large ghettos, such as Tuppurala, Laajalampi and Peitsari.
- Ravirata area is well known for its criminal activity which is figure skating.

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