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Savonian Empire is a wealthy and democratic state between Finland and Russia. Click on the links for further information

Biography of Great Leader Ville

Ville was born in 1983 in the wealthy city of Turku which is the capital of Finland. Already as a child, Ville was well known for his ability to eat Swedish meatballs and to write political statements about the labour markets of Finland to the Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat. At the age of 11, Ville decided to move to the Kingdom of Sweden where he studied law, bureaucracy and the making of Swedish meatballs under the guidance of his mentor Carl II Gustaf.

Ville moved to Savo in 1999, then an autonomous state of Finland. In the early 2006 Ville organised a demonstration at the Mikkeli market place where he demanded independency to Savo. This demonstration was widely recognized in Kisabaari (a political forum of Mikkeli) and the United Nations.


The citizens of Savo, one by one, started to support Ville's intentions to free Savo from the Finnish tyranny. In the summer of 2006, Ville was elected to be the first emperor of Savo. Due to the establishment of the Savonian Empire, the Finnish government mobilised its hippie unit to depose Ville from his throne. Hippies failed in their intentions and they were sent to Juva for further education of the Savonian philosophy. Juva is mostly known for its hillbillies.


A picture of Great Leader Ville


Notice how Emperor Ville uses the Swedish T-shirt for diplomatic purposes!


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