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who i am...
a little section about me...ya i know, boring! but you came here ;)

leanna elizabeth perry

21 yrs

abbotsford, b.c, canada [o ya baby]

family members:
mom, dad, sister, daughter...and some fish, thats it.

highschool grad...from yale

fav. food:
shepards pie [that my mom makes], pizza, nachos, chinese food...the list goes on!

fav. color:
pink obviously..i like purple too.

fav. song:
hmm...right now, probably addicted, by enrique

fav. band:
i like lots of bands..i like sum 41, blink, simple plan...umm...3 doors down, nickleback, linkin parki cant think of any right now.

fav. singer:
for country probably, martina mcbride and faith hill..o and tim mcgraw and garth brooks! lol for anyone else, i like avril, and christina..uh..dunno

going fishin in the dark! [just kidding]. i like..nothing? no i like traveling places, meeting new people..thats about it. oh and going out with jo! woo we have so much fun!

fav. quote:
heres some of it.. " like noones watching and love like you've never been hurt..."

fav. article of clothing i own:
my jeans, and my pink hoody!

ok, thats all for now, if i think of anything else i will add it..thanks for reading about my boring life :)