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online journal...
all about my boring life...woohoo!

monday, feb 9th
today i woke up...[wow huh] i've been bored all morning. chantelle is suppose to come over and look at apartments with me later. but i'm going to have a nap and clean up first. i feel kinda blah today for some reason...probably because i havent had a good nights sleep in months. o well. sacrifices right.

friday, feb 13th
well, its friday the something bad going to happen to me today? i hope not...valentines day is tomorrow, and its the first time that i've gotten to spend real time with someone on valentines day!! i'm so excited. we're going for dinner, but then i am suppose to pick something to do afterwards. i have no idea though, i'm not really that good at this stuff yet. so if anyone can help me...PLEASE let me know asap, thanks. i was thinking maybe after dinner going up to a look out and buying a cheese cake or something, and sitting there looking over the city eating cheese cake! [i love cheese cake] but i dunno, sounds kinda boring. oh well. ta ta for now. i feel sleepy today because kaylee kept me up all night cause she was sick. my poor baby :(