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Private Roscoe Vaughan: 21 years of age in 1918, army soldier, very healthy, fit but some fat on body. Aches and fever first symptoms before admission to sick tent. Died one week later due to inability to get enough air. Post-mortem examination revealed 1.25 cups of fluid in his lungs. Lung tissue showed numerous blood seepages, some larger than a dime. Air sacs were completely full of fluid.

Private James Downs: 30 years of age in 1918, fit and ready for deployment. Entered sick tent with 104 degree fever, flushed face and delirium. The day after admission, temperature remained, skin began turning dark from lack of oxygen. Upon fourth day of medical stay, death occurs. Post-mortem examination reveals bloody froth exuding from both lungs.

While both deaths were not well understood at their time of death, both had lung tissue trimmed, soaked in formeldahyde and encased in wax. It was within these tissues that Dr. Taubenberger first found the 1918 Influenza virus.

Information for cases from Gina Kolata's Flu.