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***As a "matter of public concern", this is here to help & to give
information to walmart workers & all workers that are in a unfair work place. And to the poor.
And to point to the fact that workers should speak out let people know what it is like
to work at walmart & those places, stop being all hush about it! Now is the time to let it out!

 Do not be afraid, speak up for yourself & with others. All workers have power to make life at work better.
Power to the people? Yes you do, more than you know!
It takes you to make changes! Look into this yourself!
 We are all one & it is time we change & make a difference! It's time to STAND UP!!!!!

 And to push for better wages! Why do we need better pay?

 I support the need for an Union.
Who will fight an $419 billion company,
to keep them from lowering your wages,
& even pushing for better pay for you, an Union!

  Now more than ever you need to stand with the union. Your rights are being undermined
without you knowing it!

 As a note Low taxes, low pay, takes away from the Poor, Schools, DHS , Soonercare,
your apartment rent. The FDA is feeding 46 million people on food stamps
& we only have 1% to spend on food! Also many republicans want to
lower minimum wage in different states & people.
 If you can't make it now!

 If you need food, you can contact your Church for a food bank.
There is help out there!

***Also there is a need to inform on the why walmart can be bad for your state & city.
As in a "extensive use of public money. This includes more than $1.2 billion in tax
breaks, free land, infrastructure assistance, low-cost financing and outright grants
from state and local governments around the country."
While Walmart makes $419 billion a year & still cost you money!
Look for your self, walmart is costing you. Sure if you asked in your
town, to have officials to look & see if walmart is not paying their dues.
You will run into "Walmart is in good standing with the city".
Well this makes you wonder, who is taking the "Walmart kickbacks"!
The facts are there that walmart hurts your city & by the numbers your city will be also.

  Also why the workers need better pay! Everyone needs to call Walmart &
demand they pay their workers better, that would be best for all of us!
Walmart is costing everyone they can pay the workers better!

 As in the Berkeley Retail study.
With Walmart sales, it will cost an shopper $0.46 more a shopping trip to pay the workers,
$12 an hour. Facts are facts, to the Walmart worker, you know they can pay you better!
 To any shopper out there, call Walmart let them know! Print the study & mail it to Walmart!

We are all family! Current & past walmart workers, we need to help each other in these times.
There is nothing between you & this information. This information is for everyone!
This is not just some whining at work. There has been cases
won in court, the judge & jury said there was wrong doing.
These Verdicts can effect you at work. The Verdict won is
also win for you. In some cases that law will say that
walmart can not do again what they have did wrong.

Also in hard times I give my hat off to the workers who give to help others!
But you know it is not the same with Walmart. Stop & think how much does Walmart make,
vs what they give. Why does the giving push more on the workers & not on Walmart who has more?

***I will not put many friends on here, because it might mess with your work place & job. You are safe!
If you want to be on the friends, you can do so! Just get the word out!
Feel free to contact me with any ???'s you might have!

***As you know Walmart ended it's profit sharing.
This is bad because the "The discounter will replace profit-sharing starting in
February with retirement plan contributions of up to 6 percent of pay, as long
as workers sign up and contribute an equal amount."
The main concern is that most Walmart workers only make about $6 to $7 after taxes.
They are not able to contribute, they need all their pay to live on!
Walmart greed! Ask the workers about their pay, they will tell you!!
Walmart makes billions in the US alone! Not to add the UK etc stores!
This is bad!!

***There is a lot of campaigns going on that covers attendance policy, maternity/paternity Leave & more.
Also is tools to help in the work place. Please look into this!

***There are changes to Health care! This is good!
Note Federal law out weighs state law. So you will get help no mater what!

***If you work there you see the same thing! I did!

***Along being here for the workers.
I am also on.
My personal site "DuGBuG Office" might be a good tool for anyone ~

***Do not blame walmart for making you work sick & still come in sick.
"Maybe if I get every one sick they will lose staff, that's what they get for making me work sick."
This is not good! It's not just about you, it's about the 80 year old shopper who shops there!
Would you go see your mother if you where sick?
If you are sick with something bad, call an DR, go to the emergency room. Let them know you work at walmart.
Stay away from work have the CDC call walmart for you!!!

***You know you were hired to make the store money, but not at the cost of you!
I do have a personal vendetta against walmart, on the
mistreatment of the workers & bad working conditions that has
been mentioned in the past & now by many workers all over.
Ask they will tell you!

They have always said they treat their workers good, but many workers say they do not,
& with lawsuits on walmart, it says they don't also!
Although it is not bad as the 1900's when you had the the company store.
Things can still be bad for the workers. If things are getting bad at work, stand up.
How can you make a change for the better if you just go with it? You can't!
Let it be known that you are treated like dirt if you are! That is how changes are made!

Also note here in Muskogee we had a Support Manager taken out in hand cuffs
for shop lifting high $ items. But when you had a problem with an manager
they would say "they trust their managers".

***There was is an class action against walmart.
It had to do with being called to work when you where off the clock.
The lawsuit was in many states, but for Oklahoma the suit has been
settled here for $42.5M.
 More to the point is the new suit for present and former female employees of Walmart or Sam's Club.
I know a lady that had that happen to her, in Muskogee OK.

***It is a matter of money. It is the fact of how money
the Walmart makes & how, much the store will make
for the manager so they can get a bonus.

You can go to the city records & get Tax records for the walmart
to see what it made in one year, you know it is a lot!
 "Walmart in Muskogee, OK is a private company categorized under Department Stores.
Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $20 to 50 million
and employs a staff of approximately 100 to 249."
This info is from:
But from my time from working there they said they had 500 workers.

Also, depending on how much of a tax loophole they find to not pay taxes.
Walmart wants their stores to make money. With that much money
on the line, why would they want something to take that money away
from them! Push the worker harder for the bonus! What part of the 50 million do you get?????

***There was a time when I worked at walmart, we were short
on staff & they said we were overstaffed & there was no plans
to hire any more people. One possible reason, is a tax loophole.
"They could set up 'front' stores so they an avoid paying the
taxes on their big corporate stores and only pay for a small store.

Basically the the store was classified as a small store so they
could only have a certain amount of workers to be classified as a small store.
They worked us to death, to make them more money not us!
Wal-mart finding a way to pay less taxes hurts the city & everyone.
Info on this is at:

Because Walmart doesn't pay its fair share, in some states other
individual taxpayers and small businesses in the state have
to assume an unfair burden. These other taxpayers, the state said,
are not wealthy corporations who are able to set up
"elaborate mechanisms," to avoid paying taxes.

***Walmart low pay effects everyone!
Keep in mind when I worked there I did not make
enough money there to buy anything of any value.
Because I had insurance there my pay was $6.33 to
$6.88 after taxes. That is all I had to get gas
in my car pay bills etc. It took me 3 years to make
the $6.88 an hour, that is bad. Walmart can pay you better!

That is why a lot of walmart workers rely on tax $$$'s.
Here is a UC Berkeley Labor Report on this fact along
with how low pay effects everyone.

Also there is an Sociological study of small towns.
"One of the most perplexing problems facing many
rural communities is the presence of a labor shortage
coupled with low wage levels."
This points also to the fact of a productivity standard from
a big city adjusted for a small town that has a low / slow
productivity standard. There are many people that live
in a small town to get away from the big city hassle.
But it is the fact that they want you to work like you make
$12 an hour but only make $6.88 after taxes per same work load.
But note "after taxes", with low pay comes low taxes.
This in return hurts the city in revenue it needs to survive.
So you can see that wal-mart with 500+ workers with low pay
along with any other low paying job hurts the town you live in.
Better pay is needed, this helps everyone!

***There are Labor Force Studies of Muskogee & other towns.
Note that walmart pay is $8 - + for overnights about the
part "Number of Persons Willing to Work by Wage Rate."
Does not say about wal-mart pay! Also it is known that
"Female, no husband present (77.4%) of poverty here in Muskogee."
More over it shows the need to treat each other fairly heading for a
state of emergency!
Everyone needs better pay, that would give everyone an better foundation!

Also along with a Labor Force Study, there is more info relating to work etc, that might help
you to see what is out there before it hits you.

***Walmart treats most of their employees badly. If you work there you seen it before.
There are stories out there about it:

If you have something to say about your treatment
at Walmart. Let it out, vent! No one will do it for you.
There are other workers out there with the same story
you might have. You need to get the word out about how
you are treated. I sure would & I did!

***Walmart was never this bad!
If you worked at wal-mart along time ago you know & talked
about how Walmart was not this bad for it's workers back then.
There is a book out there about it.
"The Walmart Way" Not Sam's Way written by julie pierce
Like you always said!

***My life as overnight at walmart?
As for me working over night, I would go to bed at 11:30 AM then sleep to 8:30 PM then
get ready for work & I would be at work at 10 PM work about four 2300 to 2500 lbs pallets.
That is about 10,000 lbs a night 50,000 lbs for 5 days 200,000 lbs for a month 2,400,000 lbs for a year etc.
But then I would usually have a bad pallet jack so with me it would take me 16 to 18 min to take out one pallet
from the back store room to isle 6. My legs would be burned up! Keep in mind their mind set is that
you are to do one 2500 + - pallet in 45 minutes. ( - ) the time it took you to pull it out. That did not matter to them!
There have been OSHA complaints in muskogee walmart in the past on bad jacks.

You work the pallet which you need to think of it like opening a box & taking all the
items out & put them on the shelf. Kind of like taking 4 Subaru's apart & putting it all on the shelf, weight wise a night.
Then for me I would end up with 1.5 or 2 pallets of over stock I would have to drag back the store room.
& get off work at 7 AM exhausted. Do what I am able to do at home & sleep & do it again.

My first day off I would stay up until 2 PM, then I would be asleep from 2 PM to 11 AM 21+ hours! Really!!
The next day was my only day off where I did suff around the house pay bills or did nothing.
The next day I had to be asleep by 11:30 AM to be at work later. I was asleep through the rest of my time off.
That is the life of most of the overnighters for $6.88 after taxes.

If you work at walmart let people know how your life is tell everyone. People do not know!
You haven't lived until you fell asleep in front of people you don't know that where talking to you!
Get the word out about what it is like!!

Being tired from working there I ended up mowing
my grass in 25% parts during the work day or time off.
It took me 5 days to mow the grass!
1st day mowed half the front. 2th day mowed the other half.
3rd day mowed half the backyard. 4th day mowed the other half.
5th day I ran the weedeater. That is how I fit all the things I had to do in.
It's Walmarts Attendance Policy forcing you to work sick & to
neglect your home out of exhaustion & stress of work.

***When I started working at walmart my pay started at
$7.60 an hour then in 3 years time it went up to $8.00.
But I also had insurance, so with taxes it was $6.88 to $6.33
an hour not the $8.00!
That is not a living wage by any means.

The average walmart pay is $10 + or - Look it up!
But also note that one walmart can make $100,000 to $350,000 $50 million a year.
a day, Then you go to the fact that one walmart worker makes
about $55 to $60 a day. With 500+ workers in one walmart that is $27,500 + in labor cost.

Then to the fact that there is a revenue of $419 Billion, but yet $8.00 + an hour pay for the workers.
Walmart is not hurting & they can afford to treat you better!
"With fiscal year 2011 sales of $419 billion."

With the low pay, Attendance Policy, rude bosses I personally support the
The Employee Free Choice Act! They will work to bring your pay up & see if it is fair
You will have fair raises, not an $0.40+ raise in a 3 years time.
Also a union will fight to keep them from lowering your wages.
 Not to be fired for missing too many days with a work release.
Also help with rude managers who work you into the ground so they can get their bonus at the cost of you!
Fair pay, Health care for all, Equal treatment, Safe workplaces and A secure retirement.
Not to have wal-mart find a way to get rid of you to not pay your retirement. I have been told about that.
You will have a voice in the workplace without retaliation.
 There will be changes, it takes the workers! To me it is worth it.
You need a union! Are you going to fight a $419 billion Corporation by your self to keep
them from lowering your wages?

Do not worry about the bad stuff, look at the good, you have backing from the &
You have Obama also on your side. If you have not looked at yet do so.

You are not alone there are other Walmart workers standing up. Just know you make a difference!
There is change even going on in Canada! Everyone is standing up!

Here is more info & the status on the "Employee Free Choice Act"
The good part of the bill is the "Unfair labor practices" part
this gives the rights back to you!

At the time at the Muskogee walmart when I was hired, there was a paper
I signed that stated I would not join a union. This was one of the many papers
I signed when I did the paper work for a new hire.
As told by the NLRB this is ilegal it is "With holding your rights."
So as far as the NLRB is concerned about it, it is invalid!
You can join a union if you want to!

 If any one at Muskogee Walmart want to start a union let me know. I will stand by you!!!!
Info why you need an union!

Information on unions can be found here:

***Is walmart spying on you? Do you know about Walmart’s U.S. division’s secret service?
"According to a retired Wal-Mart purchasing manager, there are many secret, secret service.
These individuals do not normally show their face nobody knows who is a secret service person,
but they are probably monitoring you."
This in fact explains about the lady that worked in Muskogee once when I was there.
It was not me they where looking at I think, but we all knew something was up we called her a walmart spy.
Yes I waved at the cameras at walmart because we all knew something was up, & I did hear something about it.
Looking at it now I think it had to do with the busting of our Support Manager at the time.
It is also known that walmart will spy on its workers that are trying to start a union.
We all know about you now!

There was a case in 2003 in a
Broken Arrow Walmart between late March and mid-July.
The point was that shoppers unknowingly left the store with
live RFID tracking devices embedded in the packaging.
Also reported that a live video camera trained on the shelf
allowed Procter & Gamble employees, sometimes hundreds of
miles away, to observe the Lipfinity display and consumers
interacting with it.

Along with spying on the shoppers there is the fact that
walmart will also spy on the workers, this has been proven in some court cases!
Spying on shoppers & workers is illegal, but truly knowing
that you are being spied on is hard to know for sure.
But know that walmart is one of the biggest franchises, so
with that you know from working there that they will try to
get away with as much as they can.
So as a worker if you know you are being spied on, you I would
Call the police or contact the NLRB & see what they can do.
As a shopper if you know you are being spied on, call the police!
Here is some info on this.

***You may not of known that the new CEO of Walmart Mike Duke
was among those who signed a petition to place an
initiative on the Arkansas ballot last November to ban
adoption and foster parenting by gay couples.
This has been reported by
This points to the fact that if he against their rights,
would he be against your rights?!

***Walmarts shoplifting policy When I worked there is:
You know the guidelines for prosecution of shoplifters
have changed. "The retail value of the merchandise recovered
must exceed $25, and the suspected shoplifter must be at or
between the ages of 18 and 65." When I worked there I seen
people run out the door when it dings & I am sure the shoplifters
have a knife or some sharp thing to open the CD take off the
tag. There was a security guy that worked there that
confronted a shoplifter he ended up getting his arm cut.
In Muskogee at the time I worked there. There was a loss
of about $300,000 in electronics alone.
The point of this is your safety over an no prosecution policy.
I know you get mad at finding empty CD cases laying around etc
& the organized shoplifting you might see going on. You could
call an "Code Sunshine" All available big guys help me at...
Just know it means help now! Keep the "Code 500" for a big thing.
Personally I would let the shop lifter go being that it is your safety there!
That is more important than all the shop lifters in town knowing walmart is a easy target.
 More to the point there was a worker
that got tasered by a shoplifter! info & other info here:
Bring up that point to them your safety out numbers any management policy!

***This is for the workers good reading!
Manager's Toolbox Time.
This shows how they treat their workers.
If you ever noticed an manager looking at you writing
something down on a note card or paper, or say something
about a "toolbox" you need to read this.
You are being profiled! This will effect your re-hire ability.
I noticed a manager once writing something on a paper
I asked him if that was walmarts note card policy,
I heard about that on the internet!
He just looked at me & laughed.
Also they had me on aisle 4 working in Muskogee walmart. Stand there & look at all the security cams around.
Yes I waved at them a few times!

***Open door policy? It will come back to bite you!

***You do not need to take a rude manager!
"Hostile work environment" harassment, (speech or
conduct that is "severe or pervasive" enough
to create a "hostile or abusive work environment"

If you are in a hostile or abusive work environment then call the police & have it noted on a police file.
Then contact your National Labor Relations Board let them know what is going on.
Walmart is big, you have to go big also!

***This is information that might help you if you feel like you are working in a bad work place.
You should call WalMart Stores Inc. 1-800-WAL-MART or 1-800-WMETHIC
This will sometimes fix it, but sometimes you need to let it be known.
Walmart is the biggest store chain so it is being watched by
the GOV, watch groups etc. They want to keep this stuff hush of course.
So for any type of harassment or major issues I would not call walmart.
These links might help you:

***If you want out of walmart & can not find a job or
do not know where to go you could work at a temp place.
It can point you to a job you might like, anything is better than walmart.
I worked as a temp & I met a lot of people worked everywhere
& I found a good job from it.

There are jobs out there! As you know always get the job first!
Info about temp jobs:

Other than that what might help would be JobAngels. But all in all it's up to you.
The road is open!

***There are also on-line classes you can take at home, to get
a better job. It takes you, so look ahead & get your self a
better life.

***This is more information on Criticism of the management of Walmart.

***Walmart Attendance Policy If you miss 7 random days out of 6 months, 7 days out of
182.5 days you will get fired, no matter what,
numbers are numbers, you missed 7 days!

You give your work release from your doctor to
them & they will say they not Accept it. I had my
DR fax it to Bentonville I got tired of the mess!
I was to the point that I would call the CDC & have them call Walmart for me!

You can still get fired being on FMLA I knew some
women that got fired while on maternity leave.
Being fired while being on FMLA is common!
Walmart retaliation?!

You must call an 800 number to report all
absences and tardiness by an hour before the
scheduled start time.

You also get a confirmation number you received
when calling the hot line number, then it
transfers to your walmart you work at, where you
need to wait to get a hold of a member of
management to let them you are sick.

Then you know they are putting another number up
there for you "day 3 missed 4 more to go!"
You can hear it in the managers voice!

The 1st day you call in counts against you, then
you have your sick day free until the next week
if you are still sick where you will have to call
in again then that would be your 2th day against you.

So every time you call in sick with the flu or
some unknown virus like I had the first day
counts against you.

Then you add stuff like if you are 10 minutes
late it will be an incomplete shift & if you work
less than half of your scheduled shift it counts
as an absence, if you work more than half of your
scheduled shift it counts as an incomplete shift
which equals 1/3 of an absence.

So for a mother having to leave to get her kid
at school or other things that normal mothers
that do not work at walmart do, counts
against you. That is what is meant as
"Wal-cost". Walmart effects your personal life in a bad way.

In real life people tend to miss more random
days at work than they do long term days.
Life is full of up's & downs, so the
Family and Medical Leave Act will not save you
there. People need to work to pay the bills &
that is hard to do when you are not working for a long time.

These things add up soon as you know it you
missed 7 days, it is not that hard in 6 months
when you work your self into the ground at wal-mart
like I did working the juice isle.

When I worked at walmart they had an old guy 50
something work with me on the juice isle It about
put him in the hospital. The managers knew the was
in bad shape for that but they put him there.

Also they had a legally blind guy work in the freezer
once, that did not work out.

There was also a guy that got fired because he
forgot to call the 800 number 3 days because he
took care of his moms funeral & everything.

I learned wal-mart now is stupid from working there
from that, it was not like that before.

How many people shop at walmart with the flu
coughing on the merchandise?
How hard is it to miss 7 days of work in 6 months in real life?

***If you have a walmart going up in your neighborhood
there is help you can get to stop it.
Wars have been won!
You know or do not care why all the shops in your downtown
closed soon after a wal-mart opened. But most people do & stand up to it.

***I do not like Walmarts new "business model".
I had a fear of this when I worked there that they would try to monopolize the market.
I also worked at K-mart for a year, I did what I could but only having 4 to 5 people
working "overnight", for all of the store then having my hours cut to 2 days a week was a bad sign!

People do not understand how bad things can be!
If K-mart goes out that means that Sears will go because K-mart owns Sears.
This in return will kill the mall because Sears is keeping the mall alive!
The mall goes out so does a big tax money maker for the town. This hurts everyone!
This is just a warning for everyone to know.

***As a FYI a, "matter of public concern." about Walmarts
Data center, what I know from working at
Walmart is that all the stores AC / Heat
is controlled there. "Look at isle 5 for a thing on a pole!"

Walmart has it's own weather system there, that looks for bad
weather that might be heading for the store you work at.

The Music played at walmart is there also.
It holds financial records, transactions so I am sure
it can know what you bought 10 years ago.
As a worker you know it tracks your discount card info, someone knows!

This info is known by most workers there.
As for any more info I really do not know.

I know there was a document I found on the "Wire" at the
time that said about saying things bad about
walmart on the internet. Aka, Myspace, facebook etc.
But to me that is with holding you rights!
You do have rights but based on what is said.
If you talk about a union or politics you have rights also.

This leads to say they could be searching 24/7 for anything bad said on the internet
about walmart, by worker or other. But from this article,
It puts things in light, it does make you wonder! Walmart is watching you!
Send me the info I post just info, or get on an anonymous blog
Vent let it out!

The tip I have as a worker. When you sign up for a Myspace account etc, to vent
use a made up name address etc.
I do this with everything I have! Do not have any photos of you on there.

Don't be QUIET! Speak your mind, let people know, talk to every one!


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Europe "Last Look At Eden"

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