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 ( ( ( FireFox-Profile-Replacement-FFILES ) ) )

 FFILES-3 is a profile replacement for Firefox 3.6+

Being I have noticed with a locked up profile there are many files that pop up in FireFox 4.01.
More than I could set the "CookieMuncher.exe" to delete. I will only have a FireFox 3.6+ types.
Being that it is more secure over all with the settings as they are with a locked profile.

They all have has security settings common with the K-Meleon-db types.
But with add-ons for security etc related to Firefox.
 Back up everything before you do anything!

 FFILES-3 is based on an the old Firefox but the security issues are gone.
The WebGL is turned off as is the XUL cache.
The Memory cache is turned off. And many more settings are set.
Related to the K-Meleon-db types.

 It gets a 14 for FireFox 3+

 Keep in mind the profile replacement is secure, not compliant!
There are some bad things going on in the internet.
Security is needed!
Read the statement.

 Also added are addons, for security & use.
Note, I would not update NoScript in FFILES-3 being the updated version has something lost.
It takes a point off your security when tested at
 And I would not update the flashblock being that there is a glitch that makes it not work
in FireFox 3 with any higher flashblock.

 All popups are blocked in the "about:config" settings, "dom.popup_allowed_events"
When ever there is a pop up it will give you an option to accept it for now or add it to your list to open.
Also you can right click on the link and open it with another tab.
 Being how FireFox has been such a pain with popups this setting seemed 100% needed!
To reset that setting click on it and change it to "change click dblclick mouseup reset submit"

 Also the video settings "media.ogg.enabled" and "media.enforce_same_site_origin"
could make some videos not work. If so just get into the "about:config" and change the settings
to "media.ogg.enabled" goes to true and "media.enforce_same_site_origin" goes to false.

 Bettercache 1.29 is added also. It helps mostly speed things up.
If things seem slow, then disable or uninstal it. It is set to run from the start.

 Also on the useragent has a new agent that helps with websites that only like one type of browser.
FireFox 3.6.28 Website Fix is there to make those sites work. There are other user agents you can add.

Just know that many websites don't like old browsers and they make things look like they are not working,
but really they are! Youtube has been doing that. You will just have to find a user agent that works for you.
User agents are on the "Tools" menu look for "K-Meleon db 1.7"
That is the user agent that is set to run from the start!

****To instal the FFILES, download the type you need Firefox 3.6+

 Instal FireFox then run it. Then go to where the profile is in as like:
"Application Data, Mozilla, Firefox, Profiles, xnucg3p7.default"
Delete all that is in the "xnucg3p7.default" type file. Keep the file just delete what is in it.
 And replace them with all that is in the "FFILES profile-replacement"

 Be sure to set the "webappsstore.sqlite" file to
"hidden, read-only, archive." To lock it up.
Or not if you have a hard time with some websites!

 It would be best to lock the profile!!!!!!!
For the most part these days you do need a 100% locked profile!
You will need to lock it up if you changed any of the FireFox about:config
"DNS" settings to "0 or false!"

 For the most part the only file you need to lock up is "webappsstore.sqlite" but with higher
security you need to lock up more!

 As a start a "Locked Profile" is when most of the files in the profile is set to "Hidden, Archive, Read-Only."
All but "cert8.db and key3.db" they need to be set to "Hidden, Archive."
 Also the "webappsstore.sqlite" needs to be opened in WordPad & all deleted, then type in
"Privacy Program" & save, then set it to "Hidden, Archive, Read-Only."
Also after doing that I would copy the "webappsstore.sqlite" and re-name it "cookies.sqlite-journal"
also set to "Hidden, Archive, Read-Only."

 With FireFox you will have these files that will pop up with a locked profile.
"prefs-1.js---sessions-1.js---localstore-1.rdf"---"NoScriptSTS.db.tmp." if you have "NoScript."

 So that is where you need that old program that deletes those files as they get on your PC.
It is ziped in the FFILES or with the K-Meleon-db browser.

 If there are files that still pop up then copy the file like you did with the "webappsstore.sqlite" file, but
leave it all blank. Do it to all the files. There will be 9 of them, 1 to 9 "prefs-1.js---sessions-1.js---localstore-1.rdf"
Then set them to "Hidden, Archive, Read-Only."

 Even with that after you set what file to delete you will have to go find the "cookiem" file & the "CookieMuncher.exe"
Re-name the "CookieMuncher.exe" file & set all to "Hidden, Archive, Read-Only."

 You need to note FireFox 4+ has 4 files that will pop up & "CookieMuncher" can only delete 3 files.
Thats why I will only have FireFox 3+ as the profile replacement.
 FireFox 3+ only has 3 files that pops up! If you use the FireFox 3+ it should be 100% secured anyway
with a locked profile also! So over all I would say FireFox 3 is the better one being that it still gets a 14
on the security test at with my settings & "NoScript 2.5.6"

 Also anything above "NoScript 2.5.6" gives you a 13 on the security test, due to a bug it has.
And the "Flash and video downloader" also stops working after 1.42 so that also does not need to be
updated. And the "FlashBlock" also works bad above version 1.5.16
so it's best to not update any addons at all!

 Hope you all have fun & be safe.
This project will grow in time.
 FFILES is a start like the KMFILES was.
Think of this as a replacement of the K-Meleon-db types
to a lesser extent.

Last Note is that after you get all set up change the name of "FireFox.exe"
to something like "adgf~wtf&hrf.exe" This will help in security also!

( ( ( FireFox-Profile-Replacement-FFILES Settings ) ) )

Speed settings:
setpref(INT, "content.notify.interval",240000);
setpref(INT, "content.notify.backoffcount",10);
setpref(INT, "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests",8);
setpref(INT, "nglayout.initialpaint.delay",0);
setpref(INT, "network.http.max-connections",48);
setpref(INT, "network.http.max-connections-per-server",24);
setpref(INT, "network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy",16);
setpref(INT, "network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server",12);
setpref(INT, "network.http.keep-alive.timeout",600);
setpref(INT, "network.http.request.max-start-delay",5);
setpref(INT, "browser.cache.offline.capacity",590000);
setpref(INT, "content.max.tokenizing.time",2333333);
setpref(INT, "content.switch.threshold",849999);
setpref(INT, "ui.submenuDelay",50);
setpref(INT, "content.maxtextrun",4095);
setpref(INT, "network.http.request.max-start-delay",5);
setpref(INT, "network.ftp.idleConnectionTimeout",150);

Security settings:
setpref(INT, "network.dnsCacheEntries",0);
setpref(INT, "network.dnsCacheExpiration",0);



Video etc:
setpref(BOOL, "media.ogg.enabled",false);  ***If videos don't work change settings in "about:config"
setpref(BOOL, "media.enforce_same_site_origin",true);

Cache settings:
setpref(INT, "browser.cache.disk.capacity",76800);