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Modernize Windows ME / 98
DuGBuG office OS!
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If you still use an old operating system or have the PC with it still on there, you have it made.
This will take a bit of work but it will be worth it. It will blow your mind.
You can turn your old PC into a all new better system!
You will be running Opera, Firefox 3.6+ & other browsers that are win me non compatible & other programs
like you never seen before!

Get all of the CDs you need to re install windows again.
If you don't have the CDs just go with it & skip re installing the system
it will work, but not as fresh!

It would be best to start with a fresh install. Format & install Win ME / 98 again
under a new name not "Windows" Something like "QPZMG"
This is needed in part for security etc.
A Partition would be best! A:\    C:\    D:\    E:\ Now you can put your browsers java etc, on drive E:
Windows on C: then put your RAM on D: I know that is a mess but it helps!
A fresh install will stop the bugs of installing over the programs you had, new is better!
Make sure you have all of your CD's of all your drivers & other programs you need before
you start anything! If you have an old OS I am sure you done all this before.
After you installed everything, you might have a hard time with the"Logon Screen". This is not to bad to get rid of.

After you did a fresh instal of Windows, you will need to instal the "Windows Installer 2.0"
This is needed to install a lot of programs down the road.

Then do an update from microsoft get the updates. You need windows 6 & DirectX 9.0c
I would not instal .NET in fact it will be deleted later.

After that you will need "MSLU, Unicode, unicows.dll" This goes in your System folder.

Then after you did that go to
and look for "SHELL32.DLL fix"
& most of the stuff in red "STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: ME918547"
"STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: U891711" Get these first, Read the warnings you will need
to restart you PC twice. Don't get full Win SP1. I had conflicts with it.

Then you will need to get "TweakUI" This will give you a lot of tools.
You will need to "Right click on the tweakui.inf file and select Install to install it on your system."

Next you will need to instal "Kernelex" This is needed to run modern things on your PC.
It might take a long time to instal so let it be. Make sure you have the "Unicode, unicows.dll".
You will need "Kernelex" to instal the stuff for XP only types.
Afterward you set up everything set the program to "Hidden, Read only etc."

If you get an error about "KERNEL32.DLL backup" You will have to go ahead &
reinstall windows again. It is worth it! All works fast & instals like it should.

To set a file, like Opera.exe, just go to where the file is, like in program files, then
right click on Properties, then "Kernelex" settings.

Next you will need to make new files to hold the programs you will put in.
Files names like "A~dBrowser" & "Z~Security" "D~Video" etc.
Like "C:\A~dBrowser" This will hold all your browsers files etc.
In other words you are not going to use "Program Files" for your stuff anymore everything has it's place.
Also you will change the ".EXE" name of all your programs, like
"C:\A~dBrowser\bjn&mbw~DF\nqpohed~fh&dd.exe". & so on...

Now you will need "UPX" You will need this to compress most of your browser, java, media players & flash files etc.
But not stuff like security type programs.
This in one part needed to secure your flash files etc. Just backup copy the files then drag them to the "upx.exe" file.
You might have to make sure the files are NOT set to "Hidden, Read only etc." then hit it twice with "upx.exe".
Because some files will be missing after the first time.
Note you do not want to use UPX on "Geoshell" This would be bad! You would have to reinstall windows again.

Now are the browsers for the main part I use Opera because of the Unite & other features.
I also use Firefox 3.6+ because it can view Youtube files faster than the other Firefox types.
FireFox 4+ does not work, it is "Kernelex" that does not handle well enough to work.
But 3.6+ does work good enough, use my settings it helps.
Opera 11+ is fast on video also with speed settings on it.
Note you can not rename the Opera.exe in Opera 10.50+.
Note when you instal the program & about every program, make sure you use another name & change the .exe
files name too. Like "C:\A~dBrowser\bjn&mbw~DF\nqpohed~fh&dd.exe"
That would be one of the browsers.
After you put in the browsers & set them up you could hit them with UPX, to compress them.
This might make the programs use more memory. But for me it works good & speeds things up.
Note using UPX will mess with the uninstaling of the browsers, so you will have to manually delete them.
You also need to set the browser files to "Hidden, Read only etc." you will have to undo some
of the files in the profiles, but it is worth it.
Unite & etc, does not seem to work on Opera 11+ so to make those things work
you will have to use an old Opera 10.63 for them.
For security set all files related to Opera to "Hidden, Read only, Archive", but,
in the Program Opera folder "unite" needs to be set to only "Hidden & Archive."
In the Profile in Opera you want to set the folder "mail" with all the files in it.
then you want the files "operaprefs, unite.adr, then upgrade.log."
It will lock up the browser, to make sure it is secure. You will get some warnings, but it is worth
most of the files being Read Only etc.

Also to get Opera 11+ to install you might have to open the Opera.exe file with a zip program & pull out the files.
As in 7zip Click on the Opera.exe file & "Open inside" then pull out the files & move all to a file you want.
"Kernelex" should be able to work installing it.

Opera: is the speed settings for Opera. wow!

Firefox 3.6+: will also need "Mozilla Offline"
There is a small glitch sometimes when you start Firefox it starts off-line.

K-meleon etc / Seamonkey is the speed settings for the browsers
you will have to change it your self in Seamonkey etc..

Now is the cleanup. For me I will not be using IE browser because it is unsecure.
And .NET just because it is a way for viruses to get in your PC & of a lot of ??'s about it taking over
your PC, privacy etc. For me I would delete .NET & the MSJVM.
To start I would go to program files & manually delete "Internet Explorer", "Messenger"
"Outlook" With all related files. "Windows Media Player" can not be totally deleted but that's ok get what you can.
That is all the files there you need to manually delete. Next would be the programs below.

To get FLASH on your PC, is not to bad to do. Adobe has stopped support for IE 6.
This means you are not able to just install the latest flash that easy.
You will need access to a PC running on WIN XP or above.

You can run 11+ flash for Opera, Firefox but you will need "" flash. (It's the last version for IE 6 SP1)
Or the last version officially supported on Windows 98/ME  flash "9.0.289"
for the ActiveX flash type for your PC.

To start just install both versions of the old flash 10+ or 9+ on your old PC.
Then get to the PC running on WIN XP & make a copy of the new 11+ flash files in the system files.
And put them on a CD. Then put the flash files in your old PC in the system file where the flash is.
Just the flash part, NOT the "ActiveX" flash files keep the old files.
Then you will need to get into REGEDIT & go to "HKEY LOCAL MACHINE"
"Macromedia" and change the info all but the "ActiveX" part to match the settings
to WIN XP. You will also need to change the settings in the "MozillaPlugins" part!
You will be cloning the flash part on your old PC to that of WIN XP.
It's not too bad to do, really! Just go back & forth & copy the settings.
You can do it & it is worth doing. Flash 9+ ActiceX is just too slow!
When you have to update the flash again just copy from WIN XP & put it on your PC.
Unless the files name has changed then you will have to get into REGEDIT &
change the files again.

With the finished files be sure to hit them with UPX. You might have to use the copy
of the files & do it again to make the UPX works on it. The last thing you need to do is to
set the files to "Hidden, Read only etc." That should secure it a lot.

For the most part "KernelEx" will handle the "Java 7+" just make sure
you have all the files you need copyed from a WIN XP system.
"java.exe,  javaw.exe,  javaws.exe,  deployJava1.dll,  javacpl"
You also should check your Regedit file so see that the Java parts are cloned,
be careful! This may not be needed, but you might.

For a fresh install of Java I would use "jre-6u23-windows-i586" as a start.
Delete all the Java & files from your PC, Regedit carefully also.
To install the Java you will have to get the file "gdiplus.dll" From a down load site &
put in your "system" file, then open an old java "jre-6u23-windows-i586"
It will crash. Then you go to your "Application Data" folder & go in to the "Sun" folder
& look for the "jre1.6.0_23" installer & run that. That will install the java.
After that open the Latest "Java 7+" in a zip file "7zip"
"Open inside" & look for the file "" then go to where you installed the old Java
& delete the files & replace the files with the "" files.

Next would be to get to a PC running XP, newer with the new Java 7+
And copy & zip the files "java.exe,  javaw.exe,  javaws.exe,  deployJava1.dll,  javacpl"
And put them where they belong on your old PC.

That is it! To install an new java just look for the "" in the new Java & replace your files.
Remember to delete the "gdiplus.dll" you put in your System file.

Also you will need the "Java Cryptography Extension" Look in the Java files for the file "Security"
& put all the "Cryptography Extensions" in there. Finally use UPX & compress all the Java files.
You will need to "UPX & Hidden, Read only etc." all the java files / system files too like...
"java.exe, javaw.exe, javaws.exe, jview.exe & wjview.exe, deployJava1.dll, javacpl!"
You might have to get in to the Regedit on the PC that is running XP, & clone the settings for the Java
to the Regedit on your old PC.
You might not have to all do this, but now you know! "KernelEx" should
make things easy for you.

For pop E-mail, Messenger, etc. I do not really use them time is leaving them behind. But these will help.
Note Seamonkey works good. I have not been able to make the 2+ vs work on the old PC yet so 1.8+ is needed
for the mail, messenger, etc it has.

Now for the Media players
If you like to save Youtube like videos you will need an ".FLV" player.
For me I just do not like "Windows Media Player" So I use other programs.
The new Winamp does not work on the system you can use an old Winamp but it is getting slow these days.
Look for winamp 5.35.

Then for me I use these things for viewing .pdf files jpeg .zip etc. These work with an old OS well.
Note: Powerpoint 2003, is not good on security after down loading & opening up I would find all the files
& set them to hidden, read only etc.
Foxitsoftware PDF viewer you will need the 2.3 vs. All others will lock up on you.  You will need 2.3

Then you will need "Throboff" this will kill the IE logo on the top right of your folders etc.

Next you need is "Rambooster" This helps to clean up the RAM needed in old systems sometimes.
Sometimes if you get a virus it does not know what to do because of the setup so it will go in your Ram.
This is when you clean your RAM & Clear clipboard.

Then "Registry cleaner" This is a god send for old PC's!

Next is "DataRecovery" This will help you to get / delete, deleted files.

Then "Spybot" You may only need to use this only one time I had this on my PC for a long time
& I never had it get anything, so I deleted it because it was taking up room. There might be a conflict if you
have a HOST file on your PC, so you might want to use one or the other, not both.

Now you will need a "HOST" file. "Spybot" has their own type of HOST file on there.
So partly to not have any conflict make sure "Spybot" & it's HOST files are deleted.
before you use a HOST file or just use "Spybot". Put the HOST file in 98 / ME where the "Windows" file would be.
 I would set it to "Hidden, Read only etc", but if it does not work take off Hidden.

 Next is "Script Sentry" This is good to have a need part of security.

These things are needed for security & privacy also. After you set them up set them to "Hidden Read only etc."
Also note the Cookie Muncher, cookiem.ini file also needs to be hidden etc.
You will find it where your windows folder would be at. need COOKIEM.ZIP166Kb

Next would be the Firewall, needed for security! A old Firewall can still be good & less bloated.
kerio 2.15, Tiny or Outpost Personal Firewalls are good. I would NOT UPX the files.
After you set them up set files to "Hidden Read only etc." 2.15

Also I would set the Firewall to be keeping an eye on some system files.
There are files you can put a block on, by your Firewall. There are files that my firewall
said someone tried to get in to. My PC gave a warning about a access violation about the file.
 I blocked the file "urlmonb.dll" only to have my firewall tell me that someone tried to access the file.
So these blocks on files are worth doing!

Anti-virus? as far as I know there is not many out there that work on a old system.
If you set up your system like the said you will find you will hardly get an virus. But you do need a anti-virus! need the 4.8 Home Edition

Also is:

Other than that would be any Win 98 / ME compatible programs you might use. You could try to UPX them to
see if it speeds them up & "Hidden Read only etc." to secure up.
With some browsers, programs & files you will need to take off "Read only" to some things to make it work.
You do need to get into the system files & hit some files, programs to Hidden Read only etc,
This is part of the security of your old system. Files like USER.DAT, COMMAND.COM, REGEDIT.EXE etc.
I have a list, but note what you set to read only etc, if it gets buggy you might have to turn that file back to read to fix it.

You might have to make dummy files! Like some "browser.exe" And rename it the name of the file &
place it where it is needed. Like when my PC got attacked.
There was a "WIN386.SWP" where it was not suppose to be.
Because that was on another drive. So I put the dummy files in the drives that are not the real file.
And set the files to read only etc.

Also you should put the RAM memory in a drive that your system files are not in!

Also note I would be best to make sure the "Active desktop" is turned off & make sure you go to "Internet Options"
& set the home page to "about:blank" & the "security settings all to high".
Even the "Logon to Anonymous logon" Then in "Advanced" in security check "Do not save encrypted...."
Turn off the cookies also. But note you might have to open another profile then go in there & delete the
cookies, history "index.dat" files then delete the profile you made. You might have the login issues again so:
When you restart find the "index.dat" files & "Hidden Read only etc." them.

Last step is the "GeoShell". This is the fun part. You will need to make a list of shortcuts to programs, files etc you use
like Trash Bin, files etc. Then number them on order like 1Opera, 2Firefox 3,4,5 etc. Change their
"Properties / Change Icon" to what you want. Then put them in your Quick Launch in order.
Like C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Then after you have it setup how you want it. Install GeoShell. Install it as it is listed on the setup.
But change it's location to like "C:\SJUR~Fh\ZFG~VJKG" Leave the ".EXE" names alone!
This is the best setup I found. You will have to un-install & install GeoShell to fix it up a bit, but soon you will be setup.
Note to fix the time on the GeoShell you need to get to
Regedit & look for the "geo" program in the "software" part or the registry.
Look for the "Plugins" & "GeoCommandTime1_2" & change %#H:%M  to  %#I:%M  is "H to I"

Be sure to go to each bar & right click & change "Always to top" This will give you lots of room.
Go to the "Utilities & GeoSkin.exe to make a shortcut to change your skin.

There are tips you can do to make things work bettter.

 If you have many files open click on them & hit
"Organize Windows" You can now vertically Tile!
 Just like Windows 7 but on 98 / ME!

 If your PC freezes like a denial of service attack right
click on the screen go to system & recycle.
If that does not do it Ctrl Alt Delete & kill GeoShell
It will then ask you if you want to restart hit yes.
 Because GeoShell is set to read only it will reset like new.

 To do a search for files on your hard drive.
I use the search button on the toolbar.
Just open any file & hit the search button, this works good for me.

 To defragment your computer you will need to do it in safe mode.
The best way to defragment your computer is in safe mode!

 To set the time look for the file "TIMEDATE.CPL" on your PC
& make a shortcut somewhere so you can set the time.

Also if you need to change settings turn off restore etc, just search

After you have everything set up set your GeoShell program to "Hidden Read only etc."
Remember do not use UPX on any file here! You will have to re-instal windows to fix it!

To do a search for files on your hard drive. I use the search button on the toolbar. Just open any file & hit
the search button, this works good for me.
I have more GeoShell tips Like how to defragment your PC. for "A TIPS.txt"

Some times you will have to delete _Restore files because of a virus or something.
This is where you need a partition! You can get to Regedit & set the _Restore files to another drive D:
then go back to drive C: & delete all in _Restore then change things back.
First turn off system restore then in regedit look for "HKEY LOCAL MACHINE" then
"System" then "CurrentControlSet" then "Services"
then "VxD"  then "VxDMon" then change everything from C:\ to something like D:\
restart your PC then delete  "_Restore" on C:\ then set everything back, restart.

The rest is up to you, to how you set it up, you will need to go digging in your PC to change things to how you want it.
Once it is set up you will love it.

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