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Light on Muskogee OK.

This is a point to say that Muskogee is a low paying city!

I am not putting down anyone here! The point is to get everyone to stand up!
Get help for yourself! Get the word out!
I am tired of all the sweeping under the rug!
It is like to tear something down to be out of sight out of mind.
They are working on tearing down some old abandoned homes
But note they are all over town & they just look abandoned, people live there
in many of them. It is hard to fix your home with your low wages.
Low pay. This it not good for any city!
Everyone needs to get out & be seen, let people know about your hard time!
It's time to demand better pay. Call around push it!
The more money you can make the more you can buy.
Makes more demand for workers, JOBS!
It might make your life better down the road!

This is the workforce study of Muskogee.
It still does not say about the norm pay of $7 to $8! $6+ after taxes, for most of the jobs around.

Oklahoma is a Right to work state. But the Federal law says you can join. Fed law wins.
You can join a union if you want.
Well our state is stupid. Look at the other laws they passed, other than right to work, go with the Federal law, join a Union!

Differences in Union and Nonunion Earnings in Blue-collar and Service Occupations.
Over all you will get more pay, when you have backing for better pay!
***Note better pay is more available money for you to spend. This helps makes jobs.
Money is like oil, it all goes back to the oil pan in time!

I say we need better pay here don't you say!
Look around the town. It still mostly looks this way even now.
But know that life is slower in the country for $7 to $8 an hour.
$6+ after taxes!
Slower in the country? We have one big mall, one K-mart, Walmart, Lowes etc...
With an average of 100 to 500+ people turning in applications for 3+ jobs open like at
Lowes & others. We have an high sales tax vs the low pay here.
Like many people here I can not afford it, so I do with out, or I make it my self to save money.
I know I do not help the programs that run on tax dollars because of my low pay.
So what would that do to a small town, being more people like me! where are we heading?

The number of people being uninsured is growing
People who have no insurance will go to the hospital
knowing they can not pay it. Because they want to live!
So to cover the cost of the uninsured, the people with
insurance will end up having a $12,000 deductible.
Why have insurance when you can not even pay your deductible
with low wages? So more will drop their insurance.
But know that Federal law out weighs State law.
This is something for the poor to look forward at. You will get help!

Raising taxes? How did we get out of the Great Depression?
I am ok with raising taxes so we don't fall like Rome!
But, really what we need here is better pay, it helps more.
My low pay keeps me from buying much so sales tax is low for me.
But if I had better pay I would buy more!
That would help with small stores, taxes payed etc.

So it would be best to get the word out,
"Raise the pay in Muskogee."

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