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( ( ( KMFILES, K-Meleon-db, HELP! ) ) )

 This is the help file for the KMFILES macros for the K-meleon & db types browser.
"KMFILES-NEW" is for the newer K-Meleon above 1.7 - 1.6
"KMFILES-OLD" is for below 1.6 and 1.7

( ( ( KMFILES, K-Meleon-db, Notes, Security ) ) )
( ( ( End of Speed Notes ) ) )
( ( ( Security Notes ) ) )
( ( ( Flash Notes ) ) )
( ( ( Cache Notes ) ) )
( ( ( Offline Notes ) ) )
( ( ( Skin Notes ) ) )
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( ( ( KMFILES, K-Meleon-db, Notes, Security ) ) )

 To place these files in K-meleon go to:
"Edit" then "Configuration" then "User-Defined Macros" & place the files in there.
This will not work in the new K-Meleon being that file is not there.

 If you can not find your profile in Vista etc you could instal K-Meleon again
under a nother name and before you start it make a file called "Macros" in the
K-Meleon program file "Browser, defaults , profile" then last the "macros" file.
Then put the KMFILES in there.
And start K-Meleon this will place the KMFILES in your profile when you start.

 Place the files in order, as in starting with the "1-Speed" setting, then the "2-Cache" settings, etc.
1,2,3, etc... This will make it easy putting the settings in order.

 You will need to place the Macros in each profile you have.
Skins go in the skins folder.

 To make Vista or Win 7 work you will
have to delete "profile.ini" file in K-meleon-db type browsers.
So the K-meleon-db profile will go to the
"Application Data" type file.

 If you want it there anyway just delete
that "profile.ini", file!

 The difference with KM 1.5 - 1.7
on a "DuGBuG office OS" system is:

RAM usage.
KM 1.5 uses 11 ram
KM 1.6 uses 14 ram
KM 1.7 uses 16 ram

 There is an file called "webappsstore.sqlite" that might
be in your profile. It is an "DOM Storage" that is put in your
profile from web sites like Cookies are, but the "DOM Storage"
holds more info.

 If you have been having a hard time with K-meleon it is more likely
that file.

 You can open the "webappsstore.sqlite" in WordPad
and delete all you see & type in Privacy Program and save it.
Then set it to Hidden, Read-only, Archive.
And be sure not to delete it. The file will not write
any data on it now.

 Most issues you will have is if you lock up your profile!
But it is worth doing!

 Also I have found the "version.ini" file in the profile file.
I didn't like what was on it so I saved it as a blank page & set to
"hidden, read-only, archive" The bad thing is about it, doing that
stops you from changing the homepage.
It makes you load up the starting page, the Readme.html file in K-meleon.
So you can just save your homepage to that file.

 ( ( ( You might have to do the something to other files that might pop up.
You just have to play with the files, until it fits you! ) ) )

 About the bug related to K-Meleon 1.7 the "history.dll" file in "kplugins" folder.
The only fix I found was to go back to the 1.5 K-meleon history file.
With that it does speed up K-Meleon 1.7.
But the bad thing you can't delete the history from the browser, so you will
have to set your file shredder to delete it, or manually delete
the "Khistory.dat" file in your profile to clean the history.

 As a tip for security you should turn off your frames & rename the K-Meleon program file & the K-Meleon.exe,
just for security. Set all but the Profile as in "acezil3g.default" file to "hidden, read-only, archive."
 Or you could set all in the profile to "hidden, read-only, archive"
but set "cert8.db, key3.db, opera.adr or your bookmarks file."
to "hidden, archive." This will secure it up, but if you need frames, you won't be able
to restart the browser to make the frames work.

 Also note that you might have other files that pop up like if you have a locked up profile.
"prefs-1.js" 2,3, etc... Or even your bookmarks files.
 I am not sure why it does that, it depends on the website you go to.
It is a security issue, I have noticed a Flash video crash, or attack if those files are in my profile.
The best fix for it is to use "CookieMuncher" on the file, so you can delete it
as soon as it pops up. You will only have to delete the file like "prefs-1.js" file the rest will not
pop up 2,3, etc, if the file is deleted.
The file also needs to be NOT set to "hidden, read-only, archive." "CookieMuncher" can not delete it if it is.
Other files are "NoScriptSTS.db.tmp" and "opera.adr_backup" if you use the Opera bookmarks type.

 "CookieMuncher" has it's own issues, so when you set it up to delete the "prefs-1.js" in your
K-Meleon profile.
Then go to your "Windows" file & look for the "cookiem.ini" file
& set it to "hidden, read-only, archive."also.

 You can turn off all Bookmarks & History in the K-meleon settings.
You could open your bookmark as a homepage. Compress it with
And set it to "hidden, read-only, archive." after you set it as your homepage in K-meleon.
If you are having a hard time in security.

****All of this is worth doing. It makes K-meleon unstoppable!
Believe me, many have tried to stop me, and they can't! K-Meleon goes on right over them!

 As a note all 1.6db, 1.7db types are just the browser
with no added parts.

 Added to K-Meleon all 1.6db+, 1.7db+
is "spell check" from:

 And "LastPass" "Refcontrol" & "Unmask Parasites"
 "LastPass" is only added to 1.7db+

 And "Stylish" from:

 Also added is "profiles backup" from:
 And "Image Rotate 3" from: (Note does NOT work on KM 1.5db

 There are some issues with K-meleon 1.7+ The SetDefault.exe
might not work good.

  Also the history, works K-meleon 1.7, But you will need to
replace the file "history.dll" in the "kplugins" folder with
the other version included in the KM 1.7 download.

 The good thing. It speeds up K-Meleon & has a history now.
But the bad thing you can't delete the history, so you will
have to set your file shredder to delete it, or manually delete
the "Khistory.dat" file in your profile to clean the history.

 This is here as an option for a History for KM 1.7
If you want security with no history don't instal this.

 Note! To make spell check work put the cursor on the
underlined miss spelled word, like you are going
to work on it & right click it go to spell check
& get the word.

 Also note you can add CSS from:

Stylish v0.5.2

1. After adding a new style the Stylish Manager must be re-opened for it to appear on the list.
2. You must copy/paste style content from  The "Install" button doesn't show.
3. 'Find Updates' is untested.
4. The Stylish Manager & Edit windows will need to be resized on each load, unfortunately. Version 0.4 does not do this.
5. On first run, the stylish manager will not display correctly. it must be closed and re-opened.

Add this as your first style, so that the code will appear on!

@-moz-document domain( {
#view-code {

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( ( ( Secure Notes ) ) )

 These settings are for the security.
The Low setting is for websites that need less security,
like Youtube etc.

 The Med setting is for other sites, more of the norm setting
for security.

 The MedHigh setting, is more locked up. More security.

 The High setting is set at a higher security but might lock up the browser at
some sites. The cache is set to never check and video settings are set higher.
Also the prefetch is off. If the browser locks up you might have to turn off
the high setting.

 The Red setting is the highest security you can go and still use the
browser. The other option is for you to turn off the Java script.

 The Secure1-DNS setting turns off all DNS.
And Secure2-Pre turns off the prefetch.

 The DisableCSS settings turn off the CSS!

 All files are used together for security.
"Secure4-Med.kmm" adds to the "Secure3-Low.kmm" part etc.

( ( The "Secure1-DNS.kmm" settings are: ) )
setpref(INT, "network.dnsCacheEntries",0);
setpref(INT, "network.dnsCacheExpiration",0);

( ( The "Secure2-Low.kmm" settings are: ) )

( ( The "Secure3-Med.kmm" settings are: ) )

( ( The "Secure4-MedHigh.kmm" settings are: ) )

( ( The "Secure5-High.kmm" settings are: ) )
setpref(BOOL, "media.ogg.enabled",false);
setpref(BOOL, "media.enforce_same_site_origin",true);

( ( The "Secure6-Red.kmm" settings are: ) )

( ( The "DisableCSS.kmm" settings are: ) )
macroinfo=_("Toggle CSS Styles");
statusbar(sub("%s",getpref(BOOL,"kmeleon.disablecss")?$off:$on,_("CSS Styles %s")));

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( ( ( Flash Notes ) ) )

( ( The settings for "Flash-Off.kmm" is: ) )
setpref(BOOL, "kmeleon.flashblock",true);
setpref(BOOL, "flashblock.silverlight.blocked",true);

 When it is turned on "checked" It turns on the flash block.
And un-checked it tuns off the flash block.

( ( ( TOP PAGE ) ) )

( ( ( Cache Notes ) ) )

( ( The settings for "Cache1-Off.kmm" are: ) )
setpref(INT, "browser.cache.disk.capacity",0);

 When it is turned on "checked" It sets the cache to "0"
& turns is off for security. Hitting it again resets the value to norm.

( ( The settings "Cache3-MemOff.kmm" are: ) )

 It turns off the Memory cache for security.
Hitting it again resets the settings to norm.

( ( The settings on "Cache6-Xul.kmm" is
 ***You might have to restart the browser twice for it to work.

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( ( ( Offline Notes ) ) )

 This puts a offline button on your browser.
To use the the button you need to put the "Offline.kmm" file in the
"User-Defined Macros" folder.

 To place one of the files in K-meleon go to:
"Edit" then "Configuration" then "User-Defined Macros" & place the
file in there. You will need to place it in each profile you have.

 To turn it on just go to "View" then "Toolbars" &
see if the "Offline button" is checked.

 This can work with any skin. You will need to get into the
"Offline.kmm" file & add the location & size to where the photo is
on your skins.

 The Offline_Toggle is from kko From:
"Re: Would like SOUNDS & VISITED LINK COLORS etc.",72761,72762

All respects & thanks, are for the designers.

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( ( ( Skin Notes ) ) )

 The skins for 1.5 & 1.6+ have been changed to work better.

 Added to most skins is a JavaScript console button & the
Clear all on the privacy bar now takes you to the
Privacy Plug in Settings dialog

 There is also a offline button. To use the the button you need
to put the "dbOffline.kmm" file in the "User-Defined Macros"
folder.  To see if it is on just go to "View" then "Toolbars" &
see if the "Offline button" is checked.

 The "dbSafari1a / dbTango " skin is the everything skin.
Added is a roll of security buttons including Block Frames,
Kill flash, Block Page colors, Java, Java Script & more.

All respects & thanks, are for the skin designers.

( ( ( TOP PAGE ) ) )

****The "Speed Settings" have been deleted being the many issues it now has
with many websites. It was best to end it's use and aim for security as things
are now it's best to lock up all settings.

The old speed settings are at:

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