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-=*DST*=- Clan Site

Why Should You Join -=*DST*=-

Downloads and Members

Download the -=*DST*=- Server Mod Here
Download the -=*DST*=- Weapon Mod Here
Alpha Squad
Bravo Squad
Charlie Squad
Delta Squad

-=*DST*=- Is a new clan in Soldier of Fortune II. We are only interested in recruiting the Best of the Best! The Leaders are Viper and Cobra. You need to talk to the for a tryout. In order to be accepted into -=*DST*=- you need to get a 10/1 ratio. Also you need to email the answers to the following questions to . What is your name? How long have you been playing? What state do you live in? What rank are you willing to work for? What internet connection do you have?