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Hello everyone. My name is Dawn and I am a 34 year old mother of two wonderful boys. After having my two boys, I found myself eating way too much and making the wrong food choices. These are some pictures of my weight loss journey.

This is me at 240 pounds, I was a size 26

This was our trip to California 190lbs.

Picture of me at 171 pounds

Picture of me at 165 pounds and a size 14

Finally fit into size 12!!!!

134 pounds And A Size 8!!!

119 pounds.

115 pounds

My boys at the St.Louis zoo. I out lasted both of them walking and still had plenty of energy left.

Going For The Really Short Hair!!

2005- Me and my new nephew Val. He is too cool!!!!!

11/26/2003 230lbs.

12/10/2003 199lbs.

01/03/2004 189lbs.

2/11/2004 174lbs.

2/15/2004 171lbs

3/01/2004 165 lbs.

03/21/2004 157 lbs

04/14/2004 149 lbs.

05/18/2004 136 lbs.

06/01/2004 134 lbs.

06/20/2004 128 lbs.

07/15/2004 121 lbs.

07/20/2004 119 lbs.

08/11/2004 115 lbs.

11/07/2004 110 lbs.

12/11/2004 108 lbs.

02/03/2005 106 lbs.

04/09/2005 104 lbs.

06/27/2005 102 lbs.

02/04/2010 I am currently more than 6 years post op and am happy to say that I am holding steady at 125 pounds. I have been at that weight for 2 & 1/2 years now with no more signs of gaining or losing. I can't begin to explain what a change losing this weight has made in my confidence and attitude. Thank you God!