Disclaimer: This is the disclaimer - disclaiming B2K. We are merely fans and have no relationship with B2K or anyone associated with B2K. If we ever do start to have an association with B2K, you will be the last people to know about it - because we want B2K all to ourselves... lol. Kiesha wants Jarell and Keri want Omari. Hopefully one day we will meet them - hopefully.

If you email us your letter of love hoping it will one day get to B2K - it won't. Don't give us your phone numbers - we won't call. Or your addresses - we definitely will not visit you. Thank you for not becoming a crazy person... please know that we are only FANS too.

07/15 2:30am 106 and Park - BET
07/16 8pm Access Granted - BET
07/17 6pm 106 and Park - BET
07/18 11:30am 106 and Park - BET
07/18 11:30pm Access Granted - BET
07/19 10:30am 106 and Park - BET
07/19 8pm Access Granted - BET

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