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Chip Paint 280

Chip Paint 280 is Chippewa County Paintball. 280 refers to the ideal muzzle velocity we're going for.

Chip Paint 280 is also just a bunch of guys and gals who like to go out and play paintball on Sunday afternoons. We're not a bunch of room temperature IQ'ed morons out to inflict pain. We believe in the mercy rule. We also believe in refraining from headshots, though accidents do happen. We prefer to congratulate the victors and talk strategy after the game as opposed to counting kills. The thought here being...The person that you tagged last game might be covering your flank the next game. In the weeks to come, I will try to post as many pictures as possible.

09/26/04 Sorry all Work keep me from playing this summer... I am going out today, & am going to try to get some pics up here. Cuz we all know the ones here are getting out. If you're in any of the images here and would like a copies, I have them all saved or you can right click and copy, as I do not have they write protected. Hope to see all of you soon and I'm lookign forward to a fun and safe season. All my best Riki...

(At this time there are about 60 pics here, at about 5.5MBs. So this page takes some time to load. If you get an "X" try right clicking then "show pic." cuz all the pics do load.)

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