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Hey Dad!
Check out the cars in the list on the left

I have comprised a list of cars in order of descending price.
The max. price is $3,000 and the max distance is 50 miles, so you might not like them, but they do appear to be quality used cars.

Select a car, by clicking on it's picture, to view more information in this window!

The distance (mi) is from the centre of 07920, even though you are not there

The cars are actually all pretty similar, only their mileage differs a lot.

Personally, I like the look of the Nissan Pathfinder, but I don't know how it runs, etc.
Take a look!

It's an annoying search engine, because you have to specify the make, but on advanced search, you can select only to show Sports Utility or Truck, etc.
If you want to search yourself, visit Auto Trader