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    Presence is exemplified in throughout this website. Presence as transportation is demonstrated applying the concepts "You are there" and "It is here." "You are there" is experienced by users on my favorite links page. A browser simply clicks on a link and they are transported to another site on the web. "It is here" was illustrated when I downloaded fonts off the internet to create this webpage. In Poster's "Postmodern Virtualities," the idea of reality is problematic due to a users ability to "travel" within technology. This concept is experienced when browsing the Net.

    The idea of "faxing the cat" is demonstrated in this website by simple purpose of its creation. This website is not an accurate reflection of me! I am being contained and restricted behind code and text. A browser can not get a complete understanding of me by simply reading about me on a screen and viewing a few pictures. This concept is further explored in the article "Cyborgs on Campus".

    In Rodowick's article "Audiovisual Culture and Interdisciplinary Knowledge," he presents scientific laws concerning technology. A main concept demonstrated in this website is the idea that "Technology fails, and the probability of technology failing increases relative to its complexity." As I was building this website, the more effects, graphics, and pages that I added, the more my site seemed to dysfunction. In fact the real test will be if I will be able to upload all of these features onto the Net! 

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