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Fever Blind
Spoilers: Broca Divide, Politics and Serpentís Venom (1 season)
Rating: R
Warnings: Jack/??, Implied non-con
Summary: Jack doesnít remember escaping from his cell.

Snow Blind
Rating: PG (but mention of slash)
Spoilers: For Season 9, Avalon Pt 1
Pairing: Cameron/OC
Summary: Some memories are difficult to see clearly.

Rating: General
Spoilers: For Criminal Minds 3.02, "In Name and Blood (in Birth and Death)".
Summary: Sometimes even a stranger can pick you up when you're down.
Stargate SG1/Criminal Minds Crossover.
Note: A fairly subtle, blink and you'll miss it cross-over.

Disclaimers : All of these stories (by the definition of fan fiction) are based on original works by other authors, producers, directors etc. No profit is made, this is simply a chance to practice my love of writing and to share the results with like-minded souls.