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Beast Wars
A Transformers Series where a small Maximal crew (descendents of the Autobots) from a colonist ship crash-land on a remote planet alongside a crew of their long-time enemies the Predacons (descendents of the Decepticons).



I have foolishly agreed to write 100 fics/drabbles for this fandom, so expect this space to fill up.

Commander in Absentia
Characters: Ratrap
Prompt: Not Enough
Word count: 243 words
Rating: General
Summary: Ratrap knows about tactics and how to survive. Sometimes it's not enough.
Author's Notes: Set in Season 1, 'Chain of Command'

And Things Remain the Same
Characters: Ratrap, Dinobot, Rhinox, Optimus
Prompt: Too Much
Word count: 283 words
Rating: General
Summary: Even Ratrap has his limits.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Commander in Absentia. Both contain spoilers for season 1, 'Chain of Command'.

Merely Shadows to the Unseen
Characters: Ratrap, Dinobot, (minor appearances by Silverbolt, Optimus and Rhinox)
Prompt: Angry
Word count: 695
Rating: PG
Summary: Ratrapís not sure what he came here for.
Author's Notes: Coda for "Code of Hero", so spoilers for that episode.

Characters : Ratrap, Cheetor
Prompt : Buried/coffin from the Table
Words : 721
Summary : Ratrap wishes the sky werenít so wide.
Notes: Not set at any particular point.

Disclaimer: Neither BeastWars nor Transformers belong to me, sadly enough.

The Beanbag | Miscellaneous Page