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About the Author
I'm an avid writer of fanfiction who goes by the alias of Brightbear or Brightbarr. I tend to wander in and out of many fandoms. I also read lots of fanfic and I have read extensively in many fandoms which I haven't written for so they aren't listed here, such as Hornblower or X-Files. Some of these fandoms, such as Buffy and Star Wars I have been out of for a long time but I still have half-finished fics or sequels in the works.

Who am I in real life? I'm a university student studying Archaeology, Anatomy and the Indonesian Language in Australia. I live in the City of Perth, which is the capital of the state of Western Australia (see the shoddy map below). As a result, my writing style and spelling follows tends to follow the Australian rules - not American but not British either. For example, colour instead of color, people wear jumpers instead of sweaters and pants instead of trousers etc. This also means that a lot of television series/movies may be released later than they are in the U.K. or the U.S. Try not to give out too many spoilers, I avoid them like the plague.

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Thank you for coming in and looking around. I hope you find something that interests you and that you'll come back again. If you find that any of the links aren't working or you have any comments or suggestions, please email me at brighthillsbear at or leave a comment on my journal.