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The Beanbag

A welcome and a rambling disclaimer
Choose a fandom you like, pull up a beanbag and get comfortable. This is a site for fanfiction stories by the author Thessaly Brightbear (aka Brightbarr). Newer fandoms are added to the bottom of the page (although some new stories will be added to old fandoms). All of these stories (by the definition of fan fiction) are based on original works by other authors, producers, directors etc. To avoid hypocrisy, these authors, producers and directors are welcome to borrow some of my stuff, provided they acknowledge doing so. Anybody who is not a famous author, producer or director please ask first. No profit is made, this is simply a chance to practice my love of writing and to share the results with like-minded souls. I hope you enjoy!

Fandoms Available



Kommissar Rex

Lord of the Rings

Spooks (MI5)

Stargate SG-1

Doctor Who


The 3 Musketeers


Beast Wars


Copyright 25th March 2003 by Brightbear
Last updated 2nd March 2009

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