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The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers is a book written by Alexandre Dumas* set in 17th Century France. Ironically, this classic adventure has four major characters. D'Artagnan is a young man with high hopes of joining the Musketeers, the Royal Guards of France's King Louis. Shortly after arriving in Paris, he ends up challenging three experienced Musketeers (Athos, Aramis and Porthos) to duels over three separate arguments. Before long, the four overcome their differences, save the day and become known as the 'Inseparables'. Four friends who will live and die for each other. All for one and one for all.


A Way of Grieving
RATING: General
SUMMARY: D'Artagnan watches as Athos chooses to drink water.

In Want of Company
RATING: General, Athos/D'Artagnan slash
SUMMARY: In which a wench eyes Athos and D'Artagnan has an opinion.

Those that Care
RATING: PG-13, Athos/D'Artagnan slash
SUMMARY: In which D'Artagnan is insulted and Athos goes to make amends.

True Colours
RATING: R (violence and mild sexual references) Rochefort/Aramis slash
SUMMARY: Rochefort tries to identify Aramis' loyalties.

Much May Be Said
RATING: PG, Athos/Aramis slash.
SUMMARY: In which one weary traveller is called upon to aid another.

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*As with any story that has become a classic, there are multiple versions available. I have read the book, seen Disney's 1993 "The Three Musketeers", the recent "Man in the Iron Mask" with Leonardo Dicaprio and a random movie known as "The Musketeer".