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The Beanbag
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The 3 Musketeers

Beast Wars (Transformers)

Doctor Who

Kommissar (Inspector) Rex

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Miscellaneous Fandoms

Let's get comfortable

Choose a fandom you like, pull up a beanbag and get comfortable. This is a site for fanfiction stories by the author Brightbear (aka Brightbarr). I hope you find something you enjoy!

The site has undergone a little bit of reorganisation so some of my older fic is not up front (mostly because it's old and makes me cringe). If you're curious (or masochistic), you can find a link below.

Disclaimers : All of these stories (by the definition of fan fiction) are based on original works by other authors, producers, directors etc. No profit is made, this is simply a chance to practice my love of writing and to share the results with like-minded souls.

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Last updated 28th July 2010