* U P D A T E S *

.June 29, 2003.:. Haays! Whats up?! Not much here! The only thing i did was update Jessica Edwards' shout out!! Yeah! Pretty funn stuff happened! Me, her and Kaylee are gonna kick some ass mann! lol! Drew haters! lol! Jesssicas my mommy now everyone!! woop woop! haha! well im gonna go! im talking on MSN! soo later! Luv Ya.. Ashley!

((6~24~03)) Pop Ya Colla! Lol! Well, Well! Here we are yet again! OKay! Sorry- That was just a little umm cheezy! BUTT HEEYY! Lol! Well I added Kassi's shout out! Sorry babe! I had you forgotten for a while! SOWWY! And I lykk put all those *OTHER SHOUT OUTS* together.. yeaa.. felt lyk i was reading a book when i did that! Lol! Yeah, yesterday was pretty fun! Me and my mom went to eat Chinese @ around 12 or so then she had a doctors appointment, after that we rented FOUR movies.. *Signs* *Darkness Falls* *Catch Me If You Can* ANDD *One Hour Photo* and then after that we went to Kroger.. Phew.. then came back home roune 4:30 or so and about 6:30 i went to church came home round 9:30! Yepp! Pretty tiring day! and today all i did was sleep! i watched part of the NBA Draft Pick!! Yeah.. that was sweetness!! and then I watched some of the cards game!! woop woop! when i watched they were winning by 5 runs!! it was the bottom of the 2nd!! Lol! Well i'm outa here.. im hearing strange noises out my window and it's freaking me out just a little! Lol! Have a good night.. Luv Yas! --AShLEy..*

..6-24-03.. Heyaa! Well I Updated The Little Picture Thing! Yepp.. It's sooo cutee! I'm Gonna Add This One thing shortly! Just check back and ill let you know when it's added! Yeah well umm go to Sarah's page.. www.angelfire.com/punk4/sarah_vangorder.. i think that's it!! lOl! Just check my guestbook! it's in there! Lol! Well I'm outa here!! bye byee!!

..6-24-03.. Heyy! Whats up!? Not Much Here! All I Really Did Was Change The Colors! Nothing Major!! Red N White! Yeaa! It's Nifty! Lol! AAnnd I Also Added A Plant On MY Page.. SEE! Lol!! Thanks Kozar!! Lol! Well Mann! I'm Outa Herre!

..6-23-03.. Heeyaa! Well Sorry i haven't updated lately.. been at someones house! well umm only thing i did was add a link "Falyn's page" and well that's it! i'm going to go look for summore stuff ina bit soo woop woop! LoL! I don't know what else to say soo latro! Luv Yas! ..*AShES*..

..6-20-03.. HEEEEEEEEY!!! Um.. Well I updated shout outs and added some more! So go check those out! Umm.. those little men are still awesome by the link to get here! Thanx again jessica kozar! Lol! Hmm.. well i don't know what else to say really.. i might update summore it's only 12:00pm right now so i dunno!! Just come back! Welp! I'm out! *mWaH* Luv Yas! ..×AShES×..

..6-19-03.. Hey! Same still! Maybe for about 7 more mintues it will! haha! Well britini ann irwin added her section to my page.. i took some stuff off and added some little men.. I added Jessica Kozars shout out.. and umm what else THAT HOOLE! Yikes! Lol!! And that's pretty much it for now at least! Well I don't think I'll update anymore so later dude!

..6-19-03.. HEEEY! Whats upp? Not much here! All I did was add a link! Jessica Kozar's! And I put a copyright thing on here.. for numorous reasons. prefer not to disclose at the moment! *AHEM* People are stealin my shit without askin!! Urgh! Ya lame asses!! ASK ME!!! Geeesh! Also! I umm..what did i do? Lol! OHH YEEA! I fixed the title at the top of my page and put a .Tyrese..Photos. on my page! :D Those are good ;) Lol! Yeah, me and Sarah are beginning to wonder about somethings! Lol! Yeah, He probably likes her or maybe it's him! Haha! More coushin for the pushin! HAHA! Damn.. That's gross mann! I'm not gonna sleep for a week now! Eww! Lol! Oh Boy! That was some funny ass stuff right there! Hmm.. Well last night was interesting! Not gonna say a word either! Well I don't know what else to say so I guess I'm outa here! Buh Bye!! *Woop-Woop* Luv Yas! (k)MWAH(k)

..6-18-03.. HEEEY!! Whats'a gon on?! Well I added TWO Shout Outs! :D lol! And I've been helping other people with there pages :D! Yeah! Where's the credit man?! lol! Jp! Everythings going pretty good with this page! I like it! Lol! Life's going pretty good too :D (y)! Yep!! Well if you read this and you want me to make you a page or help you with one let me know PLEASE and i'll do it! I'm in a helping mood.. it might last a while but just in case LET ME KNOW ASAP! if i say no i'm either going on vacation or i'm working on someones at the moment!! YepP! But really tho! Let me know!! Thanks! well i guess i'm gonna go! Have a good time! bUh-ByE!!

..6-17-03.. Yeah! Only thing I did was put a mouse over on my links.. and added a float thing! I might update some more just check back! Oh and from yesterday I added that box... THANK YOU JESSICA EDWARDS! lol! Well like I said.. check back! Thanks! Bye! !!!! COMING SOON ... My OWN Poems and Songs !!!! Storys and other interesting facts <-Not mine tho!

..6-16-03.. Well, as you can see I updated my main page and that's pretty much all I updated! I updated the SHOUT OUT page! That's pretty much all i'm going to do today! I got home last night from Mizzou-Iowa! Yeah, I didn't have too much fun! This was the worst vacation I've been on! Lol! I was sick the whole time so that didn't phase me much! Urgh! It just sucked! Don't you hate it when your parents get around your family and diss you?! Makes you just wanna break down and cry! My birthday's coming up and we are going to Current River to go canoeing with my uncle and his girlfriend! I can't wait!! This time knowing my luck the canoe will tip over! Yeah, never fails! I went when I was 9 or so! That was 5 years ago! Whoa! Lol! Well, I'm going to get off of here my sister should be here shortly! Bye!

..JuNe 8,2003!* UrGh! WeLL i TrIeD fIxInG mY pAgE..i GoT pIsSeD yEp! As YoU cAn PrObAbLy TeLL! nOtHiNg Is GoInG tHe WaY i WaNt It To! ThE bOgUs ThInG! LoL! BuT i WoNt Be HoMe tHiS wHoLe WeEk..ViSiTiNg FaMiLy.. ThAnK gOd! I nEeD a VaCa! LoL! If AnYoNe NeEdS mE.. JuSt EmAiL mE..UnLeSs YoU HaVe My CeLL pHoNe NuMbEr ThEn cALL mE! iGhT?! wELL iM oUtA hErE..gOtTa Go PaCk..ByE! LoVe Ya! DuDe! Im GoIn To CrY..bEsIdEs ThIs PaGe NoT wOrKiNg My LiFeS nOt GoInG tHe WaY i WaNt!

~June 6, 2003!~ Heeyy! Well! I just changed the background on this page.. i put the links at the bottom of the other pages to get back to my MAIN PAGE without using that back botton! lol! Well! I'm outta here! BYEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

~June 5, 2003!~ Ahem! Heyyya! What's upp witcha bored ass self?! Not much here! Didn't do too much updating besides changing fonts and changing the Marquee up at the top! Yeep! Well yesterday was uhh Interesting.. i saw my ex-boi [Drew] Yeaa! That was quite umm FUNN(N) lol! But yeah.. i ran soo what mann! What was i supposed to do?! Sit and catch up on old times or the past couple of weeks?? Uhmm NOO! LoL! It's not really what i expected.. i turn a corner.. uhmm haha! i see him.. so i walk away.. he said "RAN" but ya know what..? lol! I left! haha!! Also! Them fricken chicks that get all up in my biz for no reason better fucking stop! I wasn't bout ta fight someone I was sticken up a friend.. so get your story straight you fucking stupid ass queer!! At least i'm not a fucking slut who moves on from one guy to the next.. it's like a damn toothpaste.. you use it all up and then ya go to the store and buy another one.. geez! Soo ya know what.. no one gives a shit what you say about me.. because it's not important.. and your making yourselfs look like complete and total idiots so before you get your asses kicked i'd shut the fuck up or you'll have a mark across your face in the shape of a fucking baseball bat! GOT IT?! Well mann! It's 11:32.. So almost 12 so almost the next day! ahah! Soo Have a fricken good time!!

~June 4, 2003!~ Heyy my folks! Whats goin down witcha! Your probably bored if you have time to read this here thing! lol! Welp! It's like 8:45 in the morning.. [[yeah! I'm goin BACK to sleep after this!]] I fixed a shout out.. moved the shout outs around and that's pretty much it! I have a orthodontist appointment at 3:00 in the afternoon today at Phelps! Yeaa! That dudes located in between Murphy <--uhhhemm NO COMMENT! and Carbondale <--yEY! my birthplace! I was born in a hospital also you dumb fucks! lol! Anywho! I'm off! I need my rest I was up till about 3 or 4! YEAA! It's summer you morons! LoL! So i'll chitter-chatters laater on! Byee!

~June 2, 2003!~ Heeey! What's up everyone?! Not much here! The only thing i did was update my shout outs! If i forgot you and you think you should be on there let me know!! Thanks!! I probably forgot some people i was in a hurry so i just put down a hole buncha people so PLEASE just let me know!! Thanks! Welp! I don't know what else to say.. so i guess this is good-bye!! LATER!!

~May 31, 2003!~ Heeyyaaa! I updated my whole page! Put a new background on, changed my welcome thing around, put a new update box on! I updated all my other pages..The +About Me+ +Shout Outs+ <-By the wayy those aren't complete..i have some done at this time! +Qwotes+ and i think that's all the things i have on my page! But I've updated everything so go check 'em out!! :D! Well i'm offically a freshman now! WhOoPiE! haha! I'm EXTREMELY happy right now! I mean, i don't give a shit about people that say shit! *cough cough* NO COMMENT!* :D But i think they can figure it out! I think i've lost a friend! :(! COME BACKK! LoL! Okay, I sound desperate BUT AHH OH WELL! Haha! Anywho! We had a grad, then grad party, then a grad trip! It was all pretty good! There wasn't too many hotties at Holiday World.. damn! They musta already came! haha! well i'm gonna go update some mor so later!

((mAy 25, 2003!:: ALrIgHt! i DiDnT dO tOo MaNy UpDaTeS! i PuT a SLaMbOoK oN hErE sO bE'a SwEeTiE pIe AnD sIgN iT! LoL! AnD tHaNkS! LoL! WeLL iM bOrEd So UmM iMa BoUt To Go SiGn ThAt WoNdErFuL tHiNgY mA-bOb ((aS sO sHoULd YoU! LoL!)) oR i MiGhT jUsT sHiP mY aSs To HeRrIn FeSt.. DoNt KnOw YeT! bUt AgAiN hAvE'a BLasT!! LaTeR mOn! LoL!

((MaY 23, 2003!:: GoOd LoRdIe WoRdiE! Tonight Im Going To Herrin Fest and Meeting My Budd Ericka There! Today By Far Was Like The Best Day!! We Turned In Our Books! And Just Played Games! Andy Robinson Beat Me In EVERY Game! I Played Checkers With TJ and Tylar! I Kept Getting Hit By This Little Piece Of String! I Swear That HURTS! Umm I Got Asked Out Today :S! lol! But I Turned Em Down! Haha! Lunch Was SOOO Awesome! Sammy and Sarah Are Funny As Hell!! I LOVE ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!! You Guys Are GREAT! Hmm.. Maybe I'm Feeling Over That One Guy! Whoaa! LoL! No School On Monday!! :D Memorial Day! SCOREEE!! :D lol! Everyones Taking My Words Now! "SCORE" Omg! People, I Tell Ya! Oh Well! At Least There My Friends! LoL!! Domy Today Was Like Playing With This Clay Crap And Was Sticking It In Peoples Ears! LoL! I Passed My French Test That I Had NO Idea That We Had One! I Gotta B!! Yess! I Have A-'s In Math And Science!! Thank God! I'm Passing! LoL!! Tomorrow Afternoon I'm Going To Herrin Festa Again! I Can't Wait! I'm Loving Life At This Moment! It's GREAT!! I'm Actually Feeling Happy! Welp! I Gotta Go Eat And Get Ready To Leavee!! Later!

((MaY 22, 2003!:: NOO UPDATES!! LoL! OmG!! Today Was So Greatt!! We Went To Benton To See An ACTUAL COURT CASE! Hmm!! SOO FUNN! lOl! NOT! Oh Well! At Least We Didn't Have School! But Yeah! Noah's a JERRK!! lol! Making Her Cry Like That!! "Alright Guys! Where's He At! Time For A Major Ass Whoopin!! Haha! I Got Her To Laughh! Awwe!" lol! Noah!! You Better Take It Back Or I'll.. I'll.. I'll Umm PINCH YOU!! Whooo! lol! Yeah! I Spit On Him Kaitlyn!! Haha! He Believed It Too! Ahh Hell No David B! I Don't You Just Did NOT Just Say That To Me! Mann! That Was Mean!! Haha!! Sarah Renee Vangorder! I Can't Believe You Said That To Me!! You SNANK!! Haha! Awe! I Love Ya Soo Much!! You Are Gonna Let Me Meet That Sexay Hottie!! LoL!! I Mean He Has No Ass!! lol! "Johnson" Duude! I Didn't Know That Was His Last Name! HAHAH! That Was Funny What Mr. P Did! Haha!! Your Probably Mad But Ummm OH WELL! Haha! Welp!! I Just Wanted To See What Was Going Down On My Homepage So Later!!!

((MaY 21, 2003!:: Welp! I Updated This WHOLE Page! None Of My Links Are Done Yet!! But THEY WILL!! lol! It Took Me Forever To Find A Freakin New Update Box! lol! Anywho! We Had Orenitation [or whatever!] For High School Today! Geesh! I Think I'm Gonna Get Lost! Well Me, Sammy, and Kaitlyn Saw This Hottie That Was In Automoblie Class.. "Nooo! We Were Only Looking At His Tool Box!" LOL! Gosh That Was Funny! Leah and Sarah Called Me Stupid Today! :( Thanks Guys! I Love You Too! Not To Much Love In The Room Now Is There?! HAHA! LEAVE SARAH! Jkk! Well Umm! We Only Have Like 3 More Days Left Of School Well Actually Just Until Promotion Which Is May 29, 2003 @ 1:00 @ Herrin Middle School! Yupp! It's Gonna Be GREAT!!! LoL! Herrin Fest Is Also This Weekend Thursday-Monday! Yes, That's IN HERRIN! LOL!! It's Gonna Be Awesome!! I Can't Wait!!! Tomorrow We Are Going To Benton For A Field Trip To The Court House! Yeaa! It Was Supposed To Be A Drug Case ((LOL!)) But The Thing Got Screwed Up So It's A Fraud One Or Whatever! But HEEY! I Gotta Finish Some Stuff So Later!!

((MaY 20, 2003!:: *Hey! I'm At School! Just Decided To Check My Page Out! Haven't Made Too Many Updates! But Keep Coming Back! HerrinFest Is This Weekend!! yEy! Go Me! I'm Going With Sammy One Night, Sarah One Night, Leah One Night, And Whoever Else Wants To Come Chill! LoL! Today Was GREAT At School! Spam? What? Why Are They Taking That Away?! OHHH! It's The Internet Thing! Haha! That Was Awesome Leah! Had Me Crackin Up! Haha! Well Have A Terrific Day! HA! Haven't Had One Of Those! Welp BYE!

((MaY 19, 2003!:: *Heey! I figured I'd put this page back up! Umm! As you can see I've changed my main page around.. umm Nothing on my links have been updated! but i'll let you know when they are!! Well I'm gonna go! Later!