:this: or -that-

this/that: that

summer/winter: summer

hot/cold: hot

dogs/cats: dogs

math/science: math

city/country: city

TV/computer: computer

friday/saturday: saturday

spanish/french: i hate both. what's the point in a foreign language unless you plan on going to that damn country?! it's so fucking pointless!

magazines/newspaper: magazines

tests/essays: tests, because i hate writing those long ass essays. there pointless. half the time teachers don't even read them.

coloring/drawing: coloring

internet/phone: toughie. i'd say both

chocolate/vanilla: chocolate.

sprite/7up: if i had to pick. sprite. it's less sweeter.

coke/pepsi: don't drink much of this anymore. if i had to pick it'd probably be coke. pepsi sucks.

christina/brittney: neither. there both lesbians. (watch the 2003 MTV video music awards)

AM/PM: PM aka nighttime!

purple/pink: pink

pepperoni/cheese: cheese

popsicles/ice cream: ice cream. or those sponge bob push pops. haha!

shorts/jeans: jeans

sneakers/flip flops: sneakers

msn/aim: msn

email/chat: chat

braids/ponytail: not sure..

dorritos/lays: dorritos

horror/happily ever after: horror.

princess/fairy: neither. both f'n gay!

sugar/spice: sugar n' spice:D

burger king/mcdonald's: mcdonalds. burger kings' starting to suck

dawson's creek/felicity: don't watch either.

playstation/nintendo 64: playstation has better basketball games.

tare panda/hello kitty: hello kitty because i don't even know what a tare panda is

soda/juice: juice

shopping/movies: movies then shopping

parties/sleepovers: parties. alcohol.. haha yeah!

curly hair/straight: straight. looks better

fruit/veggies: both

cd's or dvd's: cds, well both is fine. i want a dvd player though

living animals/stuffed animals: well probably eh, depends.

crayons/colored pencils: crayons

lined paper/plain: lined. then i can see what the hell i'm writing and so it's not crooked.

blonde/brunette: doesn't matter i have friends that have both colored hair it's just the people that use "being blonde" as thier excuse for being stupid. hmm, sometimes it makes me wonder

bleh/blah: blah?

okie dokie/okily dokily: both sound pretty f'n dumb.

ribbon/scrunchi: ribbon

long/short hair: medium

pt cruiser/volkswagon Beetle: beetle. i want a blue one.

yellow/red car: umm probably yellow.

football/basketball: basketball but football is pretty awesome to watch.

sears/jc pennys: jcpennys

unsolved mysteries/americas most wanted: i guess both are pretty cool?

glasses/contacts: i prefer contacts, but i have glasses.

going to church/watching church on tv: going to church...

mtv/vh1: mtv. vH1 is so damn boring.

buh bye bye-bye/just plain bye: what the hell does it matter?

regular boring pens/pretty gel pens: regular boring pens. it seems i write well with those.

papa johns/dominos: papa johns

shirts/sweatshirts: shirts with sweatshirts.

winterfresh/big red: winterfresh but both are fine.

chat rooms/ims: im's. because at least i sometimes know those people

long/short fingernails: long but i cut mine so they are short right now

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