10 Reasons We Hate Avril Lavinge!!

10. Avril Can't Play The Guitar, So Why Does She Try?! If She Could Play She Wouldn't Have The Sound Knobs Turned Down On Stage! HAHA

9. "She's Punk?" Britney Spears isn't punk so how is Avril? They are exactly the same!

8. Her lyrics are all BABY BABY! Real Ska music isn't BABY BABY DONT BE COMPLICATED BLAH BLAH BLAH

7. Avril seems to think punks can't wear skirts so why is she on the cover of Rolling Stone with a skirt on?

6. Shes a BITCH Her band doesn't get any credit for what they do

5. Her voice is really annoying both when she sings and when she talks.

4. She talks bad about Britney when shes just the same as Britney

3. The whole tie/armband thing is annoying....She didn't invent it and you can wear those without being AVRIL

2. She is just not Oringinal.......You could walk into any Hot Topic Store and buy her outfits

1. Shes a HUGE poser!

!!Thanks Pixie Pink!!

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