[about ME]

x. [Age] 15

x. [Birthday] July 12th

x. [Sign] Cancer.

x. [Location] In a town, on a street, in a house. Good enough? I think so!

x. [Status] Single, biotchs!

x. [Natural hair colour] Blonde

x. [Current hair colour] Medium Brown with Blonde highlights.

x. [Eye colour] Brown

x. [Height] 5'4"ish

x. [Shoe size] 8-9

x. [Parents] Ron and Frances...Robbins, of course.

x. [Siblings] A sister, Natalie-28. And a brother-in-law, Chuck/Charles/Charlie/ChuckNorris-24

x. [Live with] Parents and two cats well, one is a kitten so yeah. Smokie 'n Whiskers. Don't ask...I didn't name Whiskers.


x. [Number] 25

x. [Color] Pink, Blue, and Black.

x. [Day] Don't care much anymore. They're all the same.

x. [Month] July.

x. [Song] I have a lot of favorite songs.

x. [Movie] The Butterfly Effect, Mystic River, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Dodgeball, Old School, Radio, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, more.

x. [Food] I have a lot

x. [Season] Spring and Summer

x. [Class] English, maybe.

x. [Teacher(s)] Mrs. Hileman, Ms. Hickman, and that's about it. lol

x. [Drink] Water, Strawberry Kool-Aid, Frozen/Regular Lattes, or Juice. lol

x. [Veggie] It doesn't matter as long as it's not high up on my nasty list.

x. [TV Show] The Assistant, The Real World, Viva La Bam, Newlyweds, The Ashlee Simpson Show, Degrassi, According to Jim, My Wife and Kids, George Lopez, 8 Simple Rules, Room Raiders, and there's probably more.

x. [Radio] 103.5, 105.1, 101.5, yeah...you got the general idea.

x. [Store] Hollister, Aeropostle, American Eagle, Goodys, Pacsun, Claries, Hot Topic, and uhm Best Buy. there a variety. lol

x. [Word] Biotchs, probably. I say that a lot.

x. [Animal] Cats, Gini Pigs(SP), or Ferrets.

x. [Flower] Roses..

[this or that]

x. [Me/You] You.

x. [Coke/Pepsi] Coke.

x. [Day/night] Night.

x. [CD/cassette] CD.


x. [Jeans/khakis] Jeans.

x. [Car/truck] Car.

x. [Tall/short] Tall.