*..1 CoRiNtHiAnS ..cHaPtEr 13 ..VeRsE 4-7..

. .LOve IS paTIenT And KInd.

IT doES noT EnvY

It dOEs nOT boASt

iT Is nOT prOUd.

iT Is nOT ruDE

it IS noT SelF-SeeKIng

IT is NOt eASilY AngERed

IT keEPs nO RecORd oF WroNGs.

lOVe dOEs nOT deLIghT In eVIl

bUT reJOicES wiTH thE TruTH.

it ALwaYS prOTecTS

alWAys TRusTS

alWAys HOpeS

aLWayS PerSEveREs.