Vegeta and Bulma's Fanfiction

Hey made it to the Fanfiction page i see!

well you will find here Vegeta and Bulma's fanfiction (dah)!I like the story of how it all began between those too, so i guess you'll see a lot of "Vegeta and Bulma get together" but i also like Alternate Universe story. If you think there is a story good enough to be post here, e-mail me!Be warned, all of the stories here are for adult at least most of them. Good reading!

Lisalu's Fanfiction

I say Lisalu is THE Vegeta and Bulma fanfiction writer. All of her stories are extremely well written and original. She is the Best.I didn't found a web site of her but all of her stories can be found at the "Forever" website of Adimra it's by far the best Vegeta and Bulma fanfic site.At first i wanted to post her stories here but i respect her work too much for that so i won't. Not that i don't respect other people's work! Every body who's fanfic are posted here are what ,i think, the best so!Link to Forever


The best alternate universe story i say is "World enough and time" It's an alternate universere where Earth is destroyed with no hope of wishing it back. The sole human survivor is of course, Bulma, who his taken under Radditz wings.Afterward, Bulma arrives on a planet where she meet a very different Vegeta No ouji, the only hope of destroying Frieza. Passion flare between the Saiya-jins and the human. Excellent piece of fanfiction!

The red dragon Tetralogy

This one is excellent too. Lisalu actually created a whole new univers in this long stories. There is too much information, words, too much content too, do a good summary you just have to read it yourself.

A glad day

Another alternate universe (aren't they all are?)Bulma is taken on Vegita-sei as a slave. This fanfic is rather dark,bloody and with a bit of taboo content and more importantly it's extremely well written. The pain ,both mentally and physically, that the caracters suffer is so intense that just by reading it you almost feel it!


The Ginyu quad attacked Earth, taking Bulma as a sex slave, she end up in the cell of a very weak Vegeta, where they make an alliance to save themselves. A good read! Well written again.


Awww this one is cute, i just read it cuz i didn,t remember it! All short and sweet, the end made me laugh! Vegeta shows up in Bulma's room where he transforms into a Super Saiya-jins.